Consumer Packaged Goods

Our consultants and experts serve a broad spectrum of consumer-product manufacturers—including food, beverage, personal and household products, durable goods, apparel, fashion, and luxury companies—on strategic, operational, and organizational topics.

Perspectives on retail and consumer goods

Number 4
Autumn 2015
The fourth edition of our consumer journal helps readers turn today’s industry challenges into opportunities.

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Winning in Africa’s consumer market

July 2015—For consumer-goods companies, Africa holds much promise—but also many pitfalls. To succeed on the continent, companies must learn from the failures and successes of others.more

article | McKinsey Quarterly

Cohabiting with your e-commerce partners

June 2015—Top-performing consumer-product companies are aiming to strengthen their digital-channel strategies by locating teams at Amazon and other key players.more


Three myths about growth in consumer packaged goods

June 2015—We expect the sector to grow strongly. The key for companies is to sell the right products in the right markets at the right times.more


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