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Oil-price shocks and the chemical industry: Preparing for a volatile environment

May 2015—The outlook for oil prices is highly unstable. To assure they have the agility to navigate this, chemical companies need to build new organizational capabilities.more

From liability to opportunity: How to build food security and nourish growth

From liability to opportunity: How to build food security and nourish growth

March 2015—How can public institutions, development agencies, investors, researchers, and producers work together to build a food sector that propels economic growth, meets demand, and helps to maintain social stability?more

Meeting the need for a new supply chain in chemicals
article | McKinsey on Chemicals

Meeting the need for a new supply chain in chemicals

April 2014—Chemical companies' supply chains are increasingly under strain. Strengthening supply-chain capabilities can improve results and provide a competitive advantage.


When gas gets tight: Next steps for the Middle East petrochemical industry

April 2014—The region’s producers are entering a world of limited new gas supply. To continue to grow at home and remain competitive, big changes will be required.more

LyondellBasell CEO Jim Gallogly
interview | McKinsey on Chemicals

Leading a turnaround: An interview with LyondellBasell CEO Jim Gallogly

December 2013—The CEO of one of the world's largest petrochemical companies talks about his company's rapid turnaround since 2009, moving from Chapter 11 to becoming an industry leader that ranks among the top ten chemicals players by market capitalization.

interview | McKinsey Quarterly

Tilting the global balance: An interview with the CEO of Solvay

October 2013—The Belgian company is reshaping its portfolio to focus harder on fast-growing markets.more

Supplier collaboration
article | McKinsey on Chemicals

McKinsey on Chemicals: New perspectives on supplier management

Successful supplier collaboration and streamlining the supplier qualification process can provide new opportunities for chemical companies, both in their roles as suppliers to OEMs and other major consumers and in their relationships with their own suppliers.

Chemical innovation
article | McKinsey on Chemicals

Is chemicals innovation still worth the investment?

Long considered a cornerstone of chemical industry growth, innovation's contribution has been questioned as parts of the industry have become commoditized. We show that chemicals innovation continues to deliver attractive returns, and describe three approaches to further improve innovation returns.


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