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Preparing IT systems and organizations for the Internet of Things

November 2015—To accommodate the development and support of smart devices, companies will need to update existing IT architectures and operating models. Here’s a potential road map.more


Recruiting and retaining more women in technology organizations

November 2015—Board members of the nonprofit organization Girls Who Code reflect on why women are typically underrepresented in technology-related jobs and how to improve the numbers.more

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Taking the measure of the networked enterprise

October 2015—New research shows that power users reap the greatest benefits from social technologies.more


Wanted: More women in technology

October 2015—The founder of Girls Who Code discusses the need for gender diversity in technical fields and ways companies can begin to achieve it.more

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Organizing for digital acceleration: Making a two-speed IT operating model work

October 2015—By adopting a digital product management model, companies can get the most from their IT architectures and deliver innovative online customer experiences faster.more


Cracking the digital code: McKinsey Global Survey results

September 2015—Most companies have yet to realize digital’s full value, and leadership and talent are among the biggest hurdles to success. Those making headway are reshaping strategies, devoting their best people to digital, and keeping them engaged.more

article | McKinsey Quarterly

How should you tap into Silicon Valley?

September 2015—Not by sticking a toe in the water. Get your management team aligned and then commit.more


Ten books to make you a better business technologist

September 2015—What books does McKinsey’s James Kaplan put on his must-read list for business technologists? You may be surprised.more

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Two ways to modernize IT systems for the digital era

August 2015—Companies can use two-speed or greenfield approaches to overhaul their legacy IT systems—without weakening their enterprises. Which approach is right for you?more

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Putting digital process innovation at the center of organizational change

July 2015—When a merger is announced, the IT organization has a unique opportunity to help the company reimagine its technology landscape and clarify its digitization strategy.more


Reborn in the cloud

July 2015—Adobe executives discuss the company’s move from selling shrink-wrapped products to offering web-based software and services.more

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Repelling the cyberattackers

July 2015—Organizations must build digital resilience to protect their most valuable information assets.more


From box to cloud

June 2015—Six critical success factors can help software companies make the move from selling packaged products to offering online subscriptions and services.more


Transitioning to standard software: Lessons from ERP pioneers

May 2015—Banks and insurance companies are at an inflection point with their aging proprietary IT systems. A move to standard software may allow them to save time and costs and create new digital services.more


Finding the speed to innovate

April 2015—Companies can test and launch digital products and services faster, and at lower cost, by integrating their product development and IT operations, also known as DevOps.more

article | McKinsey Quarterly

The globally effective enterprise

April 2015—Today’s technology enables integrated operations that can change the globalization penalty into a premium.more

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Brightening the black box of R&D

April 2015—An all-in-one, one-for-all formula to determine R&D’s productivity can help companies see how well the function is performing.more


Acquiring the capabilities you need to go digital

March 2015—Some of the talent and tools won’t necessarily be found in-house. Here’s how to create a sustainable strategy for sourcing the right people and products.more


Europe’s e-government opportunity

March 2015—Only 40 percent of EU citizens now access online government services. Public-sector leaders can increase this number by following a new strategy for creating compelling digital platforms.more


Protecting the enterprise with cybersecure IT architecture

March 2015—As digitization creates new cyberthreats, businesses should make security an integrated part of their IT infrastructure.more

article | McKinsey Quarterly

Competition at the digital edge: ‘Hyperscale’ businesses

March 2015—Digitization is giving rise to a new form, with a scale and complexity that challenge managerial conventions.more

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Applying design thinking across the business: An interview with Citrix’s Catherine Courage

February 2015—Catherine Courage champions user-centered design—not only for the benefit of the software company’s customers but also for its employees.more

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article | McKinsey Quarterly

The perils of ignoring software development

February 2015—Software is a key to market differentiation and value creation for an increasing number of products and services.more

article | McKinsey Quarterly

Brand success in an era of Digital Darwinism

February 2015—Companies adept at using digital tools along the consumer decision journey are gaining a sizable lead over competitors.more

article | McKinsey Quarterly

Harnessing the power of shifting global flows

February 2015—Here’s what countries and executives need to know to benefit from the next—and markedly different—wave of globalization.more


Why CIOs should be business-strategy partners

February 2015—Our latest survey of business and IT executives finds that IT performance increases across the board when CIOs are involved in shaping business strategy.more


Transforming the business through social tools

January 2015—The effect of social technologies in customer-facing processes is already significant. Our survey finds that while overall adoption of these tools has plateaued, companies can do more to measure and then capture social’s benefits.more


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