Business Technology

Featured case studies

A leading insurance company transforms its IT infrastructure delivery

A leading insurance company discovered that the expected cost and quality improvements from consolidating its IT infrastructure were falling short. We were asked to help, and we developed a four-phase program that would unfold over two years. This included assessment, implementation, internalization, and a capability-building program.more

Building a solution to cope with rapid sales growth

How we helped drive a 50 percent productivity improvement in a mortgage business through a change-management program and a custom workflow-management application.more

Delivering a public-sector enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation

A European public-sector organization that processes 200 million payments each year and has 50 legacy systems asked us to update the architecture with a standard ERP system for 70,000 users and to support the overall project management.more

Lean transformation in IT maintenance

Using lean techniques we were able to help a financial institution deliver a 32 percent increase in capacity in 12 months. The new processes and more collegial way of working saved significant time that could be put to better use working on preventive maintenance and adding additional value.more

Organizational effectiveness drives technology delivery

The business leaders of a global multibusiness company were frustrated by the IT department's struggle to meet heightened demand for technology solutions that were critical to driving multiple changes in the business model. We helped identify the issues responsible for the ineffective delivery, and in conjunction with a sizable client team, redesigned the IT delivery organization—structure, process and people—to improve the effectiveness of technology delivery.more

Reconfiguring an IT platform for maximum value

By working with a large bank to align business with IT and operations, we were able to help it reduce the addressable cost base by 25 percent and pursue diverging business strategies.more

Reduced complexity and costs help transform a global telecom

A global telecom company was experiencing significant delays in the introduction of new applications. Over a 12-month period, we did several things to transform the organization and helped reduce costs by 10 to 20 percent and cycle time by 20 to 30 percent, allowing the client to meet the majority of product launches.more