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Our global community of nearly 700 business technology consultants is committed to working with executives on their most challenging technology issues. We serve many sectors including automotive, energy, finance, healthcare, high tech, media, mining, pharmaceuticals, public sector, retail, telecommunications, and transportation.

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Cloud services for SMBs

Big business in small business: Cloud services for SMBs

March 2014—Cloud services are gaining ground in all segments, but small and medium-sized businesses present a unique opportunity. Understanding and addressing what sets them apart is the key to success.

grow fast or die

Grow fast or die slow: How software and online-services companies become billion dollar giants

February 2014—Growth yields greater returns and matters more than margin. But sustaining growth is really hard and the recipe for sustained growth depends on successful transition from one act to the next.

mckinsey on business technology issue 33

How CIOs can lead their company’s information business

In data-driven companies, CIOs—and new chief data officers—should think big and help accelerate bold changes throughout the enterprise.

mckinsey on business technology issue 33

Mobilizing your C-suite for big data analytics

Leadership-capacity constraints are undermining many companies’ efforts. New management structures, roles, and divisions of labor can all be part of the solution.

mckinsey on business technology issue 33

IT under pressure: McKinsey Global Survey results

Recognition of IT’s strategic importance is growing, but so is dissatisfaction with its effectiveness, according to our eighth annual survey on business and technology strategy.

digital sweet spot

Finding your digital sweet spot

October 2013—The potential impact of digital technology varies widely by industry, but most enterprise leaders share an important challenge: how to get beyond the small share of the prize they are capturing today by looking for impact across the whole value chain


The digital enterprise

November 2013—The evolution of digital technology presents opportunities and threats for all businesses. In this video, McKinsey director Paul Willmott explains how companies can successfully transition to becoming digital enterprises.more

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The do-or-die questions boards should ask about technology

June 2013—Board members should raise nine critical questions when discussing technology strategy with IT and business managers.more


How good is your cyberincident-response plan?

December 2013—Many organizations must face a troubling fact: defending their digital perimeter is not enough. They should assume that successful cyberattacks will occur—and develop an effective plan to mitigate the impact.more

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