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We serve automotive manufacturers, suppliers and distributors, machinery original-equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and industrial conglomerates. Over the last 4 years, our consultants have served 16 of the top 20 automotive companies in the world.

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relaunched auto extranet

Automotive & Assembly Extranet

McKinsey’s Automotive & Assembly Extranet is a trusted source of insights and information for thousands of automotive insiders each month. Our re-launched site offers more features and new opportunities for members to interact with McKinsey experts and one another.

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Automotive revolution

Automotive revolution – perspective towards 2030

January 2016—Learn how the convergence of disruptive technology-driven trends could transform the auto industry.

Connected car, automotive value chain unbound

Connected car, automotive value chain unbound

September 2014—Digitization is transforming the driving experience. McKinsey’s Connected Car Consumer Survey 2014 reveals how eager consumers are for the benefits of connectivity. In fact, more than a quarter of new car buyers already prioritize it over features such as engine power and fuel efficiency.

Innovating automotive retail

Innovating automotive retail

Automotive retail is changing fast around the world as disruptive new technologies enter the fray and customer expectations rise. McKinsey’s 2013 Retail Innovation Consumer Survey describes the forces driving these changes and offers advice to OEMs and dealers alike for coping in a more turbulent future.


Leading in the 21st century: An interview with Ford’s Alan Mulally

November 2013—Automaker Ford was losing billions of dollars when Alan Mulally took the wheel, in 2006. Here, he reflects on his leadership style and his efforts to turn around the organization.more


A cost curve to improve road safety

September 2013—By more fully evaluating available countermeasures, stakeholders can focus on the most effective ones.more

Perspective on where the automotive industry is headed

The road to 2020 and beyond: What’s driving the global automotive industry?

September 2013—The global automotive industry is about to enter a period of wide-ranging and transformative change, as sales continue to shift and environmental regulations tighten. The lesson: companies that want to have a successful, long-term future need to get key strategic decisions right in the next decade.

Disruptive right rail image
report | McKinsey Global Institute

Disruptive technologies: Advances that will transform life, business, and the global economy

May 2013—From computational biology to 3-D printing, new technology is changing the game—again. Here’s what to expect.more

  • includes:
Upward mobility: The future of China's premium car market

Upward mobility: The future of China’s premium car market

March 2013—China has the second largest premium car market in the world. How should automakers address this fast-growing but complicated market?

article | McKinsey Quarterly

Battery technology charges ahead

July 2012—New research suggests that the price of lithium-ion batteries could fall dramatically by 2020, creating conditions for the widespread adoption of electrified vehicles in some markets.more


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