Work-life flexibility

With all the discussion and concern about balancing work and life, we found a few things to be true:

  • How a person approaches the intersection of work and life is personal and dynamic.
  • No one approaches their career exactly the same way.
  • No one approaches their family, hobbies, and life in general identically, either.

That is why we focus on flexibility. You should be able to have a fantastic career and a full life and do it in a way that works for you—now, and when you may make changes down the road.

That's why we came up with an innovative range of flexible, part-time programs that are compatible with career success. In fact, we've been electing partners on part-time programs for years.

For instance, the much-loved Take Time program gives consultants the option to take extra time off between projects. This time can be used to travel the world or stay home with family. You could work on a novel or work on your home. You might get an advanced scuba certification or accompany your spouse on a rural medical residency.

Hear our people talk about their approach to flexibility and how they've excelled at work and in their lives.

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