Coaching and mentorship

Everyone who joins is asked to “Make Your Own McKinsey,” but we don't ask you to make it alone. You will have peers giving you feedback and senior partners helping you grow and plan the next several years of your career.

  • Consultants are matched with a senior partner as their development group leader (DGL) who provides objective guidance and mentorship.
  • Professional development teams help guide project choices, especially early in your tenure.
  • Informal mentorship opportunities are a constant given the natural apprenticeship model that our team-based approach affords all individuals.
  • A strengths-based formal feedback process happens at the end of each project as well as annually.

We believe in focusing on people's strengths and you are encouraged to integrate your interests into your work and what you bring to your teams and clients. . .it's all part of your McKinsey.

Because ours is a culture of coaching—formal and informal—you are likely to find mentors wherever and whenever you need them. . .and you are encouraged to offer your insights, experience, and help to those around you, too.

You'll be amazed at the opportunities there are to choose from—and the doors opened from day one. With the collective support of your teams and the firm as a whole, including alumni, you can develop faster and go further, focus on what makes you tick, achieve your goals, and make your own McKinsey.

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We serve the private sector, the public sector, the world’s top companies, countless new ventures, and dozens of governments and nongovernmental organizations—spanning all industries, functions, and problems—which makes the work inspiring.more

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