Advanced professional degrees

McKinsey was one of the first consulting firms to recognize the potential contributions of those without traditional business training, and to actively recruit candidates with advanced professional degrees (APD). Today, more than half our consultants have a doctorate, law, medical, or non-business master’s degree.

Skills you can apply at McKinsey

Working toward your advanced degree means you already have many of the skills and strengths you need to succeed here:

  • problem-solving skills—developing hypotheses, collecting and analyzing data, drawing conclusions, and making recommendations—prepares you perfectly for what we do at McKinsey
  • intellectual curiosity, to want to answer questions others haven’t been able to, and test solutions others haven’t thought of trying
  • knowledge and industry and technical expertise, which can be invaluable in solving client problems

Some people with advanced professional degrees leverage their training in related fields; for example, many doctors now work at McKinsey on healthcare reform, in our Pharmaceutical & Medical Products Practice or in our Healthcare Solutions Practice. Others use the opportunity to explore new areas and continue to grow both personally and professionally.

Roles that might be a good fit:

  • Many advanced-professional-degree candidates join us as associate or junior associate consultants (positions vary based on office and experience).
  • If you are pursuing a masters degree and you earned an undergraduate degree fewer than 4 years ago, you will be considered for a business analyst position.  If you hold a bachelor’s degree and have at least four years of work experience or completed or expect to complete your master's program 4 years from the time you received your bachelor's degree, you will join as an associate.
  • APD candidates may also consider applying for an associate or business analyst internship position depending on degree or work experience, usually for the summer prior to their penultimate year of their program; timing of internships can vary based on your academic schedule.
  • Many people choose to join as specialists or experts within our Knowledge Network, as part of McKinsey Solutions or specialized practices or functions. (see Our roles for more details)  

How we'll support you in your career

Our strong commitment to training and support will help you confidently transition to the business world. In fact, we facilitate a training program called Mini-MBA for those without a business background to help build additional skills prior to joining.

In fact, after a short time, our colleagues and clients are not able to tell the difference between the business knowledge held by MBAs and those with other advanced professional degrees, and clients value the diversity of our teams’ backgrounds.

Future opportunities

Your career path at McKinsey depends on your interests and goals. You may decide to build on the expertise you developed in graduate school and specialize, or you may apply your skills in other areas. Whatever path you create for yourself, you'll continually be challenged to grow.

Working at McKinsey will change you. You’ll grow and develop skills that will be a catalyst for future opportunities, both within our firm and beyond. McKinsey APD alumni have gone on to create companies, start not-for-profits, run large businesses, and pursue their passions in the arts among many other endeavors.

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