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Your values, our values

Our values have been at the heart of McKinsey since we started. Generations have lived by them, worked by them, and developed as individuals through them.

We celebrate and protect these values every day. Then, once a year, we formally recognize them with what we call Living Our Values Day, when each of our offices takes time from client work to remind each other of the uniqueness and distinctiveness of the McKinsey culture.

Our values demand that we always put the client first, that we operate with the highest professional standards, and that we create and sustain an unrivalled environment for exceptional people. This includes an “Obligation to Dissent,” which is central to the McKinsey working ethos.

These values have given us the strength to be first and do what’s right but unpopular. We often say no to work for clients when we have concerns about whether we can achieve real impact, or whether they are willing to hear the unfiltered truth. In fact, we celebrate those moments of truth.

Those are our values. And we expect that we share a lot of them with you. They include the importance of challenging work that matters to the world. The pleasures to be derived from learning and collaboration. And the goal of a sensible work-life balance so that family, friendships, and fun retain their primacy.

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