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Diversity and inclusion

We believe that inclusion is a full operating system, not a partial approach to professionalism or life.

We believe that differences are catalysts for achievement and make us all better.

We believe that collaboration between diverse, talented people is the essence of creativity.

McKinsey's commitment to diversity is an abiding part of our legacy and our daily practice. It grows out of the same value framework that embodies the “obligation to dissent” and calls on us to create a “non-hierarchical and inclusive” environment. It takes a big tent to inspire big ideas.

The best way for someone outside McKinsey to understand the vibrant reality of diversity inside McKinsey is by sharing a sense of what it’s like here. We are women and men, straight and gay, single and married, with biological kids, adopted kids, foster kids. We represent every race and religion you can imagine. We have emerged from every socioeconomic level—the privileged and the poor. We are nanotechnologists and novelists, engineers and educators, analysts and app developers.


Diversity & Inclusion at McKinsey

As Bruce Simpson, a Director at McKinsey, aptly puts it:

“Our increasingly diverse profiles enrich our creativity, innovation, and problem-solving ability. It also helps us better connect with clients and be more impactful in serving them. If you look at us now versus even only five years ago, it’s extraordinary the number of different populations that we have.”

To master the challenge of leading diverse teams, we support our people with unparalleled professional development, networks, and mentoring. We have a special responsibility here—knowing that our people will become the inclusive leaders who set the stage for the world of tomorrow across private, public, and social sectors. So the more we can develop their strengths and inspire their confidence, the more we contribute to a better future for everyone, well beyond the walls of McKinsey.

A note from Global Diversity Lead, Lori Dobeus

“It’s a privilege to lead diversity at a place like McKinsey. I bring every aspect of my experience–as an American (living in Europe), a woman, an English major, a lesbian, an executive coach–to my teams. McKinsey people think hard and deeply about every challenge. It’s that genuine exchange of perspectives from very different people that makes great solutions.”

McKinsey networks

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Women consultants at McKinsey

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mckinsey diversity

LGBT consultants at McKinsey

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Black consultants

Black consultants at McKinsey

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mckinsey diversity

Hispanic and Latino consultants at McKinsey

McKinsey creates connection and success in the Latin community.more

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