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Undergraduate Program

Durham University

Undergraduate Program

We are excited you are considering consulting as your future career.

Business analysts play an active role in many aspects of client engagements, including fact gathering, analysis, client communications, making recommendations, and implementation. You will collaborate with senior consultants, client managers, and executives on every part of the consulting process, from brainstorming ideas to working side-by-side with clients to implement team recommendations.

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Kate Bragg

Recruiting co-lead

Emily Haseldine


As leader of McKinsey’s undergraduate recruitment from UK universities, I love meeting talented students and helping them to explore their career choices.

Jack Bertram

Campus Calendar

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Sep 29 2017
Oct 09 2017

Digital McKinsey Webex

September 29 – October 09

Do you have a passion for technology and all things digital? Are you considering a career in consulting, but want to learn more about the profession and Digital McKinsey before applying?

Join some of our Consultants for a webex and learn more about the work they do as well as the opportunities we offer for penultimate and final year students in Digital McKinsey on Friday 29 of September at 12:30 or on Monday 09 of October at 18:00.

Deadline for registering your interest is Wednesday, 27 September 2017.

Oct 13 2017

Meet McKinsey for LGBTq Undergraduates


McKinsey GLAM (LGBTq) network like to invite LGBTq undergraduates to get to know the LGBTq (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer) community at the firm over a drink in London.

This event will take place at 6pm on Friday 13th October. Applications for this event close on Monday 9th October.

Oct 16 2017

Digital McKinsey London Workshop


Get to know us and problem-solve with our Consultants.

Digital McKinsey is hosting an interactive case study workshop in our offices to introduce penultimate and final year students that are interested in an internship or our graduate Business Analyst program to the work we do in Digital McKinsey.

Deadline for applications is Tuesday, 10 October 2017. Successful applicants will be notified 3 days prior to the event.

Oct 23 2017

McKinsey & Company Northern Workshop

Central Leeds

Want to learn more about management consulting? Join us for a problem solving workshop over lunch with our McKinsey team!

Registration deadline is Friday, 6 October 2017. Successful students will be notified by email 3 days prior to the event.

For more information and to apply visit here.

Oct 24 2017

Women as Future Leaders - Journey Line Workshop


When we think of leadership we often focus on what external characteristics exemplary leaders demonstrate, although we won’t reach our potential as leaders by looking only at achievements. We need to see what’s underneath to understand how we have overcome challenges and when we are the best version of ourselves. This workshop will help you to reflect on your own experiences and evaluate some of your strengths.

Oct 26 2017

McKinsey & Company International Afternoon Tea


The event is designed for international students looking to return to their home country outside of the UK or for those interested in working in an international office to further their career.

We welcome penultimate and final year students from Bachelor and Master’s degrees of any discipline to apply to this event. Please note that you will need to have the language fluency of the office(s) in which you express an interest.

To attend this event please attach your CV & Transcripts and don't forget to include your language fluency and office preference(s). Cover letter is optional.

Deadline for registering your interest is Sunday, 15 October 2017.

Oct 26 2017

Business Analyst application deadline

To apply, please click here

Jan 25 2018

Business Analyst Intern (summer internship) deadline

To apply, please click here

To see all our UK events click here. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Opportunities for Undergraduate Degree Candidates

Undergraduates typically join us as business analysts or fellows as an integral part of our client service teams. Some stay for 2 or 3 years before attending graduate school or gaining further work experience, others stay on and move directly into a post-graduate school role.

Our roles include generalist consulting; practice consulting, focused on a specific function or industry (e.g., digital, implementation, operations); and New Ventures product and solution development (e.g., software engineering, data science, solution expert consulting, data engineering).

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