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Community and mentorship

A global women’s network

McKinsey Women is our global firm-wide network of female consultants—a powerful resource that provides formal and informal mentoring, training, and relationship-building opportunities. Each office fosters local connections and delivers local programs to help women connect, learn, and grow.

Training and Advocacy

We offer women-focused programs to help you maximize your strengths, develop your network, and grow as a leader.

Women-specific training programs are offered at every level. For example, female business analysts and associates can attend the Engaging with Presence workshop, and other female-only training programs include Women's Leadership Workshop, Pathway to Partner, and Pathway to Director. By the time a woman reaches partnership, she will have spent close to three full weeks in women-specific programs in addition to our other formal training programs.

To date, we've invested more than $20 million in original research on the importance of women in leadership positions and in the economy. This research has reached hundreds of thousands of people globally.

Our female-centered research and publications include:

Events and Networks

Joining McKinsey means joining a legacy of female leadership.

Building Connections

Individual offices offer women-focused sessions addressing topics such as building relationships with senior clients, developing networks, and being a mom at McKinsey. These forums can be annual off-site meetings, a workshop series, or Friday events in the office.

Building Communities

There are also informal support networks for women. For example, McKinsey Moms is a close-knit network that supports mothers before, during, and after pregnancy. McKinsey Moms is full of women to tap into for their knowledge on how to continue a successful career after becoming a parent and the group publishes a moms' guide called Laptops and Lullabies.

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