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Summer greetings, everyone! I've just returned from an amazing training and wanted to share a bit about it with you.

A quick end-of-summer update

– Hello readers! In my last update, I shared the news about my move to Chicago, which already seems like a long time ago.

Returning to McKinsey after completing my MBA

– Hello again! I last checked in after completing my first semester at INSEAD, and now I'm excited that share that I have graduated... and returned to McKinsey as an associate.

Rejoining McKinsey after four years away

– Hello everyone! I'm excited to be re-joining the team of McKinsey Women bloggers. I left the firm in June 2013 after a whirlwind... three years at McKinsey: a summer internship in 2009, two years as a business analyst in Minneapolis, and a third year in the Lagos office that changed my (McKinsey) life.

My first few months back at work

– Hi everyone! Somehow the summer has come and is almost gone! I cannot believe that it went so fast. You may have noticed I haven't... provided an update in a while, and I have a pretty good excuse for that: Chris and I welcomed our second son in December. He is awesome!

Updates on my L2 program and our McKinsey Women in Implementation group

– I hope you’ve all had a nice spring! It’s been a great last few months, and especially the past few weeks, as I’m... excited to announce that I’ve been promoted to Implementation Leader!

Focusing on reach and relevance in my new role

– It has been a very busy six months! In my last post, I mentioned that I’d been doing a good amount of Associate Partner-level... work, and I am really excited to share... 

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