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I hope you’ve all had a nice spring! It’s been a great last few months, and especially the past few weeks, as I’m excited to announce that I’ve been promoted to Implementation Leader!

Focusing on reach and relevance in my new role

– It has been a very busy six months! In my last post, I mentioned that I’d been doing a good amount of Associate Partner-level... work, and I am really excited to share... 

Transferring to my third continent

– Greetings from my new home in Chicago! This is my biggest news in a while, so I’ll share some details about how this move... came about.

My rotation with the McKinsey Global Institute

– When I last wrote, I was a few days into a new fellowship with the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI). It’s been an exciting... few months since then!

A leadership development project and travel on my terms

– I have a lot of updates since my last post! On the client front, I have been working with a local client on a very inspiring project.

My first six months in London

– In my last post, I shared my plans for my third year as a BA: a 12-month transfer to London to do six months of public and private... sector client work, and six months with the McKinsey Global Institute, our economic research branch.

A big decision about my path at McKinsey

– I hope you’ve had a good few months. I have some big news on my front, which is that I have taken a new role at McKinsey.... I have to rewind a bit to tell you the full story.

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