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What we look for

We’re looking for people who have an unusual blend of passion, dedication, and energy. They are creative and insightful problem solvers, they enjoy working in teams, they have an entrepreneurial spirit, and they are interesting people beyond the office.

These are the common denominators across approximately 10,000 consultants in more than 100 offices.

We love people who like people, because they will be committed to helping their clients and colleagues succeed.

We are a culture of inclusiveness, where people from diverse backgrounds—using the broadest interpretation of that word—are not just welcome, but actively sought.

We thrive when our teams are a healthy mix of those with different backgrounds, cultures, genders, education, training, interests, skills, and tastes in music.

We hire people for who they are and who they will be. Our commitment to personal growth is central to our values, and that’s manifest in the extraordinary investments we make in training and mentoring.

We’re searching for people with high aspirations, driving them to excel at McKinsey—and beyond, if they choose to go elsewhere, as more than 300 current CEOs of companies worth over $1 billion have. Our alumni network is strong and supportive.

Meet our people and from their own personal stories learn why they chose McKinsey, who they are, and the high-impact work they do.

Five areas of focus

These five areas of talent and character that are at the heart of what we seek in people.

  1. Personal impact

    People skills more than matter, they are essential. Without them, great ideas languish, lacking internal support and momentum. Our teams build relationships with clients quickly and become trusted advisers by inspiring broad support inside the client organization. When conflicting points of view arise–and they always do–using strong communication skills and effectively working with colleagues and clients inside the team room helps to overcome temporary obstacles.

  2. Entrepreneurial drive

    We want McKinsey to always remain a place where entrepreneurs—who are innovative by nature, and always searching for ways to create new approaches, products services, and technologies—can find a home and feel at home. It’s a value that distinguishes us.

    So we look for people with the potential to become entrepreneurs within McKinsey—building new service lines, pioneering new geographies, innovating aspects of our firm.

    Many of our internal entrepreneurs eventually apply their experience and the learning they gain to new ventures of their own.

  3. Problem-solving skills

    These skills are absolutely critical. McKinsey is brought in to help our clients solve their toughest and most urgent challenges. Are you someone who can think both conceptually and practically? Do people say that you think differently about things? Do you like to solve a challenging problem? Then we should talk.

  4. An orientation around achievement

    To help our clients achieve great things we look for people with a track record of achieving great things themselves. We value the drive and fortitude to get things done and know it translates into client impact and the continual innovation of our institution.

  5. Leadership abilities

    Leadership—the ability to take people forward and act as a catalyst for productive teamwork—is essential and common to those who succeed here. But we recognize that different people lead in different ways; we appreciate the diversity of gifts that make some people capable of inspiring others to rally behind them. That’s how we help create positive change within client organizations—and our own. Some say we are a leadership factory based on the CEOs, entrepreneurs, politicians, and social-change agents we develop.

External recognition

Vault consulting 50

Vault Consulting 50

McKinsey has completed a unique “Triple Crown” achievement by being ranked first in Vault's Top Consulting Firm and Prestige rankings in all three regions surveyed.


Real life at McKinsey

Real life at McKinsey

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