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By launching your career at McKinsey, you'll have a unique opportunity to make a lasting difference in the world, work with a group of highly diverse, motivated colleagues, join a global network, and broaden your strengths and skills that will last your entire career.

Where you'll start

People with bachelor’s degrees join McKinsey as business analysts. Some stay for two or three years before attending graduate school or gaining further work experience. Others stay on and move directly into an associate role. Whatever your personal passions, we are committed to helping you pursue them.

Challenge yourself to grow.

You’ll be stretched here–and that’s an ongoing learning experience that will accelerate your path to becoming an accomplished business professional. You will extend your strengths, and develop problem-solving, communication, and analytical skills so you can have real impact at a much earlier stage than happens elsewhere.

Opportunity to explore

In your first two years or more, you’ll work across a broad range of industries and functions. You’ll build business knowledge and perhaps–as many do–find a field you’re inspired to pursue more deeply. You will likely have the opportunity to travel and work with talented people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Your voice will be heard

No matter how new you are, you'll be part of the solution. At McKinsey, critical thinking happens on all levels, and every team member is expected to bring value and insights to our clients’ challenges.

Working together sets us apart

McKinsey is a place where personal networks blossom. At the Basic Consulting Readiness and Business Analyst Training programs, for example, you’ll meet other new colleagues from around the world. And as a member of a client service team, you'll work with business leaders and experts inside and outside McKinsey from day one.


Real life at McKinsey

Real life at McKinsey

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