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McKinsey has been a top destination for people with master's degrees in business administration for almost 80 years. That’s because McKinsey provides the opportunity to work on the problems that matter most to the organizations that matter most.

What to expect

Consultants with MBAs typically join McKinsey as associates and participate in one client study at a time. You can join as a generalist, working across a broad range of industries and functions to develop knowledge and build skills, or you can build specific expertise within a practice.

Am I an MBA candidate?

You are, if you are currently pursuing your MBA or another business-related advanced degree. If you have completed your MBA or other advanced business degree in years past and have worked in industry or for other companies since finishing your program, please visit the experienced professionals section of our Web site.


Real life at McKinsey

Real life at McKinsey

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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I think about McKinsey compared to my other options: for example, investment banking and private equity?

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