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Advanced degrees

McKinsey was one of the first consulting firms to recognize the potential contributions of those without traditional business training, and to actively recruit candidates with advanced professional degrees (APDs). Today, more than half of our consultants have a doctorate (PhD), law (JD, LLB), medical (MD), or non-business master’s degree.

Some with advanced professional degrees leverage their training in related fields—for example, many doctors now work at McKinsey on healthcare reform, in our Pharmaceutical & Medical Products Practice, or in our Healthcare Solutions Practice. Others use the opportunity to explore new industries and functions or to use the invaluable experience they have to continue to grow both personally and professionally.

Set up to succeed

Working toward your advanced degree means you already have many of the skills and strengths you need to succeed here:

  • Your skills at problem solving—developing hypotheses, collecting and analyzing data, drawing conclusions, and making recommendations—prepare you perfectly for we do at McKinsey.
  • You have the intellectual curiosity we are looking for. You look to answer problems others haven’t been able to solve, and test solutions others haven’t thought of trying.
  • Your knowledge and expertise can be invaluable in solving specific client problems.

How you’ll fit in

Our strong commitment to training and support will help you confidently transition to the business world. There’s absolutely nothing about “business” that you can’t learn or that we haven’t helped thousands of advanced professionals master before.

In fact, after a short time, our colleagues and clients are not able to tell the difference between the business knowledge held by MBAs and those with other advanced professional degrees, and clients value the diversity of our teams’ backgrounds.

Possibilities abound

Your career path at McKinsey naturally depends on your interests and goals. You may decide to build on the expertise you developed in graduate school and specialize, or you may apply your skills in other areas. Whatever path you create for yourself, you'll continually be challenged to grow. You can progress as quickly as you’re willing to seize opportunities.

Make a meaningful impact

You'll have the opportunity to work with the world's most influential organizations to solve problems and make a real difference, whether in the private, public, or social sector.

Open doors to the future

Working at McKinsey will change you. You’ll grow and develop skills that will be a catalyst for future opportunities, both within our firm and beyond. McKinsey APD alumni have gone on to found companies, start nonprofits, direct large businesses, and pursue their passions in the arts.

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Real life at McKinsey

Real life at McKinsey

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