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A central part of our philosophy is to ensure that talented people are quickly presented with options commensurate with their skills and passions. You’ll be able to seize personal opportunities to make a difference in the public, private, and social sectors. That’s what we call being a “tri-sector athlete.” We believe that meaningful and life-affirming contributions can be made in all these domains, and we offer you and others occasions do so.

There’s no single practice area that has a monopoly on significance. In fact, areas that were once considered less-than-exciting, such as infrastructure or restructuring, are today recognized as indispensable to creating economic opportunity and vibrant middle classes. In fact our work has helped focus attention on the ecosystems that drive growth.

That's why reimagining the delivery of education and healthcare services is critical, as is envisioning what the police force of the future should look like in 2020. So too is creating middle-class jobs through emerging technologies, choreographing turnarounds and restructuring, developing new consumer products and services, and ensuring the continued growth of larger organizations.

Read examples of what some of our people have done to develop new areas for McKinsey and help change the way McKinsey works at the same time they do work that matters to them.

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Inspiring engagements

Inspiring engagements

Explore the breadth and transformative nature of our work in the business, social, and public sector.more

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