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Work-life journey

All of us join McKinsey because we want a career that makes a difference. But we also want a career that makes a full life possible.

That’s why one of the first questions many ask is “Can I do compelling work without surrendering my entire life?” Yes, working at McKinsey can be intense but we also understand that you have big dreams and want a work-life balance fully supported in words and deeds. (By the way, we share that desire, too!)

That's why we've come up with an innovative range of flexible, part-time programs that are 100 percent compatible with career success. In fact, we’ve been electing partners on part-time programs for years.

We’re also proud of our much-loved “Take Time” program, which gives consultants an invaluable level of flexibility. Our project-based approach makes “Take Time” possible, a lifestyle advantage unique to McKinsey. Working on a novel, getting an advanced scuba certification, and accompanying a spouse on a rural medical residency—these are some of the personal pursuits that “Take Time” made possible last year.

And we’re still developing and testing new ways that let you work meaningfully towards the mythical work-life balance.

Flex-time program

Take Time

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