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Extend your strengths

Personal development is a catchy concept these days.

At McKinsey, it's more than that. We have a very specific and tested approach to developing talents and skills.

It starts with one simple but powerful premise: everyone who is here is here for a reason. You have remarkable strengths, and our mission is to develop them even further.

But we don't approach this with a red-pencil strategy, where we check off areas for “improvement” and focus on what you don't do well.

We're not looking to create super-hero consultants who can leap tall buildings and swim underwater while writing PowerPoint presentations and conducting regression analyses. We want to understand—along with you—what you excel at, and then we build upon what you do best.

In the process of extending your skills in analytical thinking or innovative problem solving or relationship-building, you will grow in confidence and self-awareness, and be better equipped to work on areas that aren't your strongest. (And we all have to do that, from the partner and director level on down.)

Rest assured, that we don't want to change you, to mold you into some theoretical archetype of what a McKinsey “consultant” should be.

The best thing for us is to keep building on the best of you.

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