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Collaborative environment

Great people get even better when they work together

We have a fundamental belief that small, purposeful teams of individuals with different backgrounds and styles—supported by our worldwide experts—will have the greatest success when it comes to our clients' most complex problems.

At whatever level you join us—with a newly-minted undergraduate degree, or with an MD, MBA, or PhD, or after being in another career or industry for several years—you will work in this exciting environment—to gain insights, move organizations, and make an impact.

Our teams are non-hierarchical. Business analysts engage freely with partners, and partners participate without the weight of titles.

We believe in training. We invest more than $100 million a year in it. But as essential as it is in providing critical knowledge frameworks, the real learning and growing happens on the job.

Small and nimble teams

You'll work with a small, fast-moving team of consultants, ranging from business analyst to partners; the client will usually be part of the team. Everyone is a full-fledged member, with responsibility for a distinct part of the effort.

Your understanding of different industries and functions will grow exponentially as your teammates share their expertise. You'll receive coaching and feedback throughout the engagement. In fact, consultants often find life-long mentors—and friendships—in their senior colleagues.

Impact by immersion, not detachment

Teams typically spend 3 to 4 days a week at a client's location. Working alongside the leaders who own the problems has tremendous value. You'll learn how to build trust and work with clients as a peer and adviser. And just as the relationships formed with your colleagues extend past your final meetings, so will your client relationships.

An unparalleled support system

Our team members have access to the approximately 1,500 knowledge professionals and leading-edge experts who “consult to the consultants” by providing rapid access to specialized expertise and business information. This is unique to McKinsey.

Also supporting you and your team are graphic designers, travel assistants, team assistants, and practice managers. We want you focused on what matters, not worrying about copies for the meeting, or staying out of a middle seat.

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