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Why McKinsey

The success you’ve achieved makes you fortunate enough to have multiple opportunities. We hope you’ll give serious consideration to the possibilities that await you at McKinsey.

We’ve spent a lot of time speaking with candidates—from undergraduates to MBAs to those deep in their professional careers— including doctors, scientists, and lawyers—and we find they share many goals.

Taken together these all describe the career narrative at McKinsey. If that's of great interest to you, you're of real interest to us. Meet some of the people who make McKinsey unique, and read their personal stories to learn why they joined and what inspires them. Learn more about our people

Meet our people

  • Acha


    “I partner with colleagues from all over the world in our quest to make a difference in Africa.”more

  • Alex


    “My EM emphasized a key McKinsey value–the obligation to dissent. Even in my first year, I was urged to speak up.”more

  • Annie


    “At McKinsey, I do important and stimulating work with smart people and have opportunities to grow every day.”more

  • Brindan


    “At McKinsey, you can only truly succeed if you are yourself. This place values authenticity…there is an enormous amount of liberation and autonomy.”more

  • Carolina


    “My expectation was that McKinsey would be quite a hard-boiled place. When I actually met some of the people working at McKinsey, they were both very fun and humble.”more

  • Eyal


    “Before I joined McKinsey, I managed an unmanned aerial vehicles field ops team for a leading aerospace company.”more

  • Guangyu


    “My expertise is economic development—but I fell in love with retail and decided McKinsey China should get more involved.”more

  • Jeremy


    “McKinsey focuses on impact. It’s never about making money or getting the next study. I find that inspiring and distinctive.”more

  • Jordi


    “There's nothing more rewarding than getting calls and emails that simply said ‘Thank you for saving our jobs’.”more

  • Kara


    “I went to Prague on my second engagement at McKinsey. I had never been outside of North America at that point.”more

  • Kaustubh


    “McKinsey is full of fun and diverse people. There was an opportunity to create my own culture. Big words, I know, but really meaningful for me.”more

  • Kyle


    “The chance to help shape the future of McKinsey’s new restructuring and turnaround practice was too hard to pass up.”more

  • Linda


    “At McKinsey, I have had multiple opportunities to be an entrepreneur, with the value of an institutional safety net.”more

  • Maia


    “We didn’t solve world hunger, but we made a tangible difference to hundreds of employees and their families.”more

  • Mary


    “I wouldn’t still be here with six kids, a husband, and an intense, demanding job if it wasn’t for McKinsey’s flexibility and support.”more

  • Matthew


    “At McKinsey’s mini-MBA program, there was an economist from DC, a physicist from Hamburg, and a theater director from Zimbabwe.”more

  • Mauro


    “The client called us a ‘mini-UN.’ McKinsey's diversity of thought and of backgrounds led to better problem solving.”more

  • Megan


    “The most unexpected aspect of working at McKinsey was finding an amazing network of female mentors and peers.”more

  • Morten


    “We went to the deepest parts of the jungle and stayed in the homes of local chiefs to understand their way of living.”more

  • Rachel


    “It’s not a job where you can describe any kind of ‘regular’ tasks or daily routine.”more

  • Rick


    “McKinsey will throw you in the deep end, pushing you out of your comfort zone. That creates the greatest opportunity for learning.”more

  • Sabrina


    “Working in Papua New Guinea’s exotic location with no Internet while trying to address the country’s most challenging issues was very exciting.”more

  • Sarah


    “In my third year of medical school, my interest in broader healthcare issues led me to McKinsey.”more

  • Thomas


    “I’ve worked across an amazing range of industries, geographies, and business problems. There’s so much flexibility to define your path.”more

  • Tom


    “With our ‘Education to Employment’ initiative, I helped analyze programs in 25+ countries that succeeded in moving youth to sustainable employment.”more

  • Yael


    “Serving McKinsey clients at a time of radical business-model shifts, I’m in the business of finding the story all the time.”more

  • Yuito


    “I feel like I am always ‘living in the world’–that's how deeply connected McKinsey is. I hope that's clear, because it's an important distinction.”more