Rethinking the water cycle

– How moving to a circular economy can preserve our most vital resource.

Stemming the tide: Land-based strategies for a plastic-free ocean

– Ocean Conservancy and the McKinsey Center for Business and Environment led a comprehensive effort to analyze where the majority of ocean plastic comes from and how it leaks into the ocean, examine leakage pathways in different regions, and investigate potential plastic waste reduction solutions and the economics of each.

Taking a fresh look at water

Companies that recognize the importance of water as a carrier for other processes can generate significant savings

Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Measuring the real cost of water

– Big savings are available to companies that look beyond their utility bills and understand the broader economic costs of their water consumption.

Charting our water future

– While meeting competing demands for water is a considerable challenge, this report provides greater clarity on the scale of that challenge and how it can be met cost effectively. Read the report and view videos from the launch.

Confronting South Africa’s water challenge

– South Africa faces a growing gap between water supply and demand. The most effective solutions will cater to the specific agricultural, industrial, and domestic needs of the country’s different basins.
Interview - McKinsey Quarterly

Managing water strategically: An interview with the CEO of Rio Tinto

– Tom Albanese explains how Rio Tinto is adapting its operations to a future when climate change may make the world’s dry parts drier and wet parts wetter.
Interview - McKinsey Quarterly

Water as a scarce resource: An interview with Nestlé’s chairman

– The chairman of Nestlé explains why water is “by far the most valuable resource on this planet” and what we must do to conserve it.