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Resource-Productive Operations


Rethinking the future of plastics

– A new report finds that applying circular-economy principles could dramatically reshape the economics of this workhorse of the global economy—and help the environment.

Technologies that could transform how industries use energy

– Energy accounts for a sizable share of company operating costs. Our new report details 33 technologies to improve energy efficiency—and your bottom line.
Book Excerpt

Manufacturing growth through resource productivity

– Resource productivity should be a top priority for manufacturers. This excerpt from a new book presents five core beliefs to drive growth by becoming leaner and greener.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Remaking the industrial economy

– A regenerative economic model—the circular economy—is starting to help companies create more value while reducing their dependence on scarce resources.
Report - McKinsey Global Institute

Reverse the curse: Maximizing the potential of resource-driven economies

– In 20 years, almost half of the world’s countries could depend on their resource endowments for growth. These economies have a huge opportunity to transform their prospects, and a new model could help governments capture the coming resource windfall instead of squandering it.

Giving US energy efficiency a jolt

– Changing consumer behavior isn’t easy. Adopting tactics employed by other consumer-facing industries may help utilities convince residential customers to save more energy.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Seizing China’s energy-efficiency opportunity: A case study

– Improving energy efficiency in industrial environments starts with changing minds—not machinery. The progress made by one of China’s largest state-owned enterprises holds lessons for industrial players of all stripes.