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Geostrategic risks on the rise

– In a new survey on globalization, the share of executives identifying geopolitical instability as a very important business trend has doubled in two years.



Strategy in the digital age

Our series on developing corporate and business-unit strategies in a digitally disrupted world.
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McKinsey on Finance, Number 57

McKinsey on Finance offers practical ways of thinking about corporate finance based on McKinsey's experience and proprietary... research.

Connect: How Companies Succeed by Engaging Radically with Society

Connect fundamentally redefines the role of business, combining captivating stories from inside today's boardrooms with... absorbing history and original research.

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How new CEOs can boost their odds of success

– A data-driven look at the link between the strategic moves of new CEOs and the performance of their companies highlights the importance... of quick action and of adopting an outsider’s perspective.

The digital utility: New opportunities and challenges

– Many utilities see the digital revolution as a threat to their business model, but massive opportunities await those able to transform... themselves ahead of the curve.

Grow fast or die slow: Why unicorns are staying private

– Technology companies worth more than $1 billion—and many worth $10 billion—have fewer reasons to go public than they did in the... past. Here’s what that means for them and their investors.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

The ‘tech bubble’ puzzle

– Public and private capital markets seem to value technology companies differently. Here's why.

How share repurchases boost earnings without improving returns

– Some actions that boost earnings per share don’t create value for shareholders. Share repurchases are generally a wash.

How companies are using big data and analytics

– Just how do major organizations use data and analytics to inform strategic and operational decisions? Senior leaders provide insight... into the challenges and opportunities.
Podcast - McKinsey Quarterly

Digital strategy: Understanding the economics of disruption

– Responding to digital disruption isn’t about creating a list of digitization priorities; it’s about identifying where... you are vulnerable and where you can create value.

Economic Conditions Snapshot, March 2016: McKinsey Global Survey results

– Executives’ optimism wanes—suggesting concern about where the economy’s heading in 2016—while their company... views hold steady. A common worry is slowing growth in China, which many cite as a threat to global growth.

What executives think about the economy: 2004 to now

– This continually updated interactive tracks how executives around the world have viewed economic conditions and the economic prospects... of their companies, and how those views have differed over time and across industries, regions, and types of company.
Debate - McKinsey Quarterly

Leading in the digital age

– The automation of work and the digital disruption of business models place a premium on leaders who can create a vision of change... and frame it positively.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

The economic essentials of digital strategy

– A supply-and-demand guide to digital disruption.

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