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Toward a value-creating board

– The amount of time board directors spend on their work and commit to strategy is rising. But in a new survey, few respondents rate their boards as effective at most tasks or report good feedback or training practices.

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McKinsey on Finance offers practical ways of thinking about corporate finance based on McKinsey's experience and proprietary research.

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How Ericsson aligned its people with its transformation strategy: An interview with chief HR officer Bina Chaurasia

– A recent shift in strategy required an overhaul of HR. Ericsson’s chief human-resources officer, Bina Chaurasia, describes... how skills, technology, and processes had to change on a global scale.

Economic Conditions Snapshot, December 2015: McKinsey Global Survey results

– Growing shares of executives say geopolitical instability is a risk to both global and domestic growth. At the same time, their... views on overall conditions have improved notably—but remain tempered on China’s prospects.

Resisting managing for the short term

– Tim Koller and Marc Goedhart, two of the coauthors of Valuation, McKinsey’s handbook on corporate valuation (now in its... sixth edition), explain why focusing on current shareholders isn’t really a requirement of good business.

What CEOs can learn from activist investors

– Leaders don’t have to think of activist investors as the enemy. In this exclusive look at McKinsey’s internal video series, global... managing director Dominic Barton and principal Tim Koller discuss what activism means for CEOs.

Creating value in transportation and logistics

– The “new normal” for the sector is tougher than for many other industries. Here's how transportation and logistics... businesses can increase their economic profit.

The nimble prosper: Dynamic resource allocation in chemicals

– Crafting a strategic road map and responding rapidly to external shocks are critical for superior value creation in chemicals.

Are share buybacks jeopardizing future growth?

– Fears that US companies underinvest by paying too much back to shareholders are unfounded. Rather, the rise in buybacks reflects... changes in the economy.

Grow fast or die slow: The double-edged sword of M&A

– Our latest research on growth in software and online-services companies has some surprising findings about the benefits and risks... of buying growth.

How M&A practitioners enable their success

– Companies that are best at transactions approach M&A differently—but there’s room for improvement across the board.

Profiling the modern CFO: A panel discussion

– Seasoned finance chiefs explore revamping business models and coping with new competitors, currency risks, and changing capital... structures.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

How should you tap into Silicon Valley?

– Not by sticking a toe in the water. Get your management team aligned and then commit.

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