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From scenario planning to stress testing: The next step for energy companies

– Utilities and oil and gas firms have long used scenario analysis, but extraordinary times call for new measures.

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McKinsey on Risk

– The journal offering McKinsey’s global perspective and strategic thinking on risk, focusing on the key risk areas that bear upon the performance of the world’s leading companies.

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The EU data-protection regulation—compliance burden or foundation for digitization?

– Enhanced data protection creates a challenge, but it also offers a catalyst for digitization.

Raising the Bar: Key considerations on new SEC data, reporting, and liquidity rules

– The SEC’s new regulations on fund data, reporting, and liquidity risk management will require many asset managers to develop... significant new operational and risk-governance capabilities.

Nonfinancial risk: A growing challenge for the bank

– With credit and market risks now under better control, the focus is shifting to nonfinancial risks. Managing these well will require... big shifts in banks’ practices.

The future of bank risk management

– Banks have made dramatic changes to risk management in the past decade—and the pace of change shows no signs of slowing.... Here are six initiatives to help them stay ahead.

The evolution of model risk management

– An increasing reliance on models, regulatory challenges, and talent scarcity is driving banks toward a model risk management organization... that is both more effective and value-centric.

Nonfinancial risk today: Getting risk and the business aligned

– Both must be deeply involved to avoid costly errors.

Digital risk: Transforming risk management for the 2020s

– Significant improvements in risk management can be gained quickly through selective digitization—but capabilities must be... test hardened before release.

Sustainable compliance: Seven steps toward effectiveness and efficiency

– Banks do not control the demand for compliance, but they can optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of their response.

Transforming enterprise risk management for value in the insurance industry

– Leading insurers are retooling the role of their risk function from incident response and compliance to an essential partner in... advancing the business strategy.

‘The ghost in the machine’: Managing technology risk

– Technological risks are becoming more prominent—and more dangerous. Six principles can guide banks as they manage them.

The evolving role of credit portfolio management

– Banks can no longer manage loan books in isolation. A new survey reveals how portfolio managers are dealing with growing complexity.

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