Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Ahead of the curve: The future of performance management

– What happens after companies jettison traditional year-end evaluations?


Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Agility: It rhymes with stability

– Companies can become more agile by designing their organizations both to drive speed and create stability.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Why agility pays

– New research shows that the trick for companies is to combine speed with stability.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Adhocracy for an agile age

– The agile organizational model gives primacy to action while improving the speed and quality of the decisions that matter most.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Agility lessons from utilities

– The industry faces pressure on its core businesses and unexpected digital competition. Evaluating the external environment and... making bets more quickly will be decisive for incumbents.

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Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Breaking down the gender challenge

– To make meaningful progress on gender diversity, companies must move beyond the averages and focus on the biggest pain points.

The art and science of well-being at work

– Leaders of high-intensity, high-performing organizations are beginning to recognize the important effects of mindfulness, exercise,... and sleep on the body—and the brain.

The sales secrets of high-growth companies

– The authors of Sales Growth reveal five actions that distinguish sales organizations at fast-growing companies.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

McKinsey Quarterly 2016 Number 1: Overview and full issue

– This issue of the Quarterly, available here as a PDF download, explores the implications of workplace automation, the... power of sleep and meditation, Ericsson’s recent HR transformation, and more.

Negotiating a better joint venture

– As important as it is to secure the right terms for a shared enterprise, it is just as critical to form a sustainable relationship.

Digital transformation: The three steps to success

– The hardest part of a successful digital transformation is the cultural piece. Like the proverbial journey of a thousand miles,... it begins with small steps.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Where accountability really matters

– Travel, transportation, and logistics companies are particularly vulnerable if they get it wrong.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

The four building blocks of change

– Four key actions influence employee mind-sets and behavior. Here’s why they matter.

Building a digital-banking business

– Banks have been using digital technologies to help transform various areas of their business. There’s an even bigger opportunity—go... all digital.

Leading and governing the customer-centric organization

– The uniquely cross-functional nature of effective customer-experience efforts puts a premium on smart governance. Clearly defined... leadership, behaviors, and metrics are the places to start.

What it takes to build an environment for agility

– Building anything today—from a soda bottle to a digital transformation—starts with making a model. Alan Trefler, founder... of Pegasystems, explains what changes are needed to do it well.

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