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The age of analytics: Competing in a data-driven world

– Big data’s potential just keeps growing. Taking full advantage means companies must incorporate analytics into their strategic vision and use it to make better, faster decisions.

Customer experience

Customer Experience

More insight into creating competitive advantage by putting customers first and managing their journeys.

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Playing every hand better in the pricing game

– How leading companies are harnessing data science to optimize pricing and boost returns by 2 to 7 percent.

Black Friday shopping report: Consumer habits are changing fast

– A new survey suggests stores will have to offer more than just discounts to compete with digital over Black Friday.

How cement companies create value: The five elements of a successful commercial strategy

– As the dynamics of the cement industry change, successful companies are creating value by focusing on their micromarkets. Here’s... how they do it.

Developing products for a circular economy

– Cross-functional collaboration and customer-focused design thinking can help companies reap more value from the energy and resources... they use.

Agile marketing: A step-by-step guide

– Everyone wants to be “agile” these days. Here’s how successful companies develop the people, process, and marketing... technology to make agile marketing happen at scale.

How retailers can improve price perception—profitably

– New methodologies, powered by big data and advanced analytics, can help retailers attract value-conscious consumers without sacrificing... margins.

How B2B digital leaders drive five times more revenue growth than their peers

– By focusing on the right digital practices, B2B companies—currently trailing B2C companies in digital transformation—can... create long-term value. Here are six areas where digital leaders excel.

New insights for new growth: What it takes to understand your customers today

– Companies that know how and when to use the wide array of research tools available today have a big competitive advantage in generating... insights that lead to new organic growth.

Let’s talk about sales growth

– High-growth companies have differentiated themselves in sales through analytics, big data, and a focus on the changing technology... landscape.

How to unlock growth in the largest accounts

– Large companies have become increasingly sophisticated negotiators. In response, smart selling organizations are upgrading how... they manage their largest accounts.

NOW NEW NEXT: How growth champions create new value

– To generate new organic growth for both the short and long term, businesses need to explore three horizons for action.


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