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What sales companies need to get right for digital success

– To realize the full value potential of digital, successful sales organizations reorganize top to bottom, front end to back end. Here’s their road map.

Customer experience

Customer Experience

More insight into creating competitive advantage by putting customers first and managing their journeys.

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Meet today’s American consumer

– US consumers feel better about their financial situation than they did a year ago, but they’re still hesitant to spend too much.
Article - Harvard Business Review blog

Why salespeople need to develop ‘machine intelligence’

– Bots are bringing big changes—and big opportunities—to sales.

Why customer analytics matter

– Although survey respondents say the value of customer analytics is declining, our findings show these analytics clearly drive... value. Focusing on three factors can help companies reap the benefits.

The sales secrets of high-growth companies

– The authors of Sales Growth reveal five actions that distinguish sales organizations at fast-growing companies.

The new world of sales growth

– New insights from Sales Growth, 2nd edition, reveal how top-performing sales organizations harness digital to drive growth,... meet the new challenges of managing talent, and evolve with the future of sales.

Why the customer experience matters

– Truly understanding customer needs may help companies improve not only the buying experience but also their bottom line.

Saving, scrimping, and … splurging? New insights into consumer behavior

– Our global survey of more than 22,000 consumers highlights recent shifts in buying behaviors, which have important implications... for retailers and packaged-goods companies alike.

Discussions on digital: The new world of marketing

– Silicon Valley leaders discuss the challenge on every marketer’s mind: how much to spend on digital marketing—and... where to spend it.

Putting behavioral psychology to work to improve the customer experience

– Applying the principles of behavioral psychology can improve the quality of customer interactions and build brand recognition... as a customer-centric organization.

Discussions on Digital: Measuring marketing’s impact

– Silicon Valley leaders discuss the challenge on every marketer’s mind: how much to spend on digital marketing, and where... to spend it.

Improving the business-to-business customer experience

– Adopting a customer-centric mind-set is just as critical in B2B dealings as it is when serving retail customers, but players face... special challenges that can trip them up.


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