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Sales Navigator

By comparing an organization's return-on-sales data to their peers and prioritizing sales efficiency improvements, Sales Navigator empowers companies to achieve 5-10% increased productivity and 10-20% cost savings.

The Sales Navigator database includes 1,300+ data sets from 200+ companies, which allows our experts to compare 35 standard indicators of sales performance and organizational setup, such as:

  • sales return on investment (gross margin per sales cost)
  • revenue per frontline-sales full-time equivalent (FTE)
  • sales cost per revenue
  • sales cost per sales FTE
  • frontline-sales FTE per sales-support FTE


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What Sales Navigator helps you do

Sales Navigator (part of the Commercial Diagnostic Suite together with CCAT and Sales DNA) benchmarks a company’s operational and organization data against their peers to answer critical sales performance questions like:

• How does the efficiency of my sales team compare to other organizations?

• What is the best go-to-market strategy in terms of channel mix, coverage, and sales backbone?

• What is the improvement potential across business units, geographies, and channels?

Our detailed reports allow companies to prioritize their long-term financial performance targets at the organization and business unit level, as well as their near-term operational KPIs.


Sale Navigator provides three core applications:

Sales return-on-investment (ROI) benchmarking

Understand sales ROI across channels, geographies, and business units, compare your performance to your peers, and identify optimization areas

Go-to-market comparison

Identify internal and external differences in your go-to-market setup and drivers, and optimize the areas of under-performance for higher sales ROI

Sales ROI drill-down

Identify granular improvement areas by drilling down into operational key performance indicators like representative productivity, sales-coverage ratios, and organizational architecture

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