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Bower Forum

This two-day workshop is a unique platform for a small group of CEOs or Chairpersons to discuss goals, challenges, and role-specific issues, while counseling and learning from one another.
Bower Forum

How do you train to be a CEO? “By being a CEO,” said McKinsey’s Marvin Bower (1933-1995). The Bower Forum provides a unique opportunity for chief executives to engage with their peers in a confidential setting.

This unique two-day workshop convenes a small, exclusive cohort (4-5) of chief executives or Chairpersons with experts, and senior McKinsey partners to discuss challenges specific to their role, and have deep-dive discussions on priority topics. This can include but are not limited to: Transforming the top team, managing stakeholders, strengthening governance, and building a legacy for the organization.

What participants say

“The opportunity to learn from peers and a seasoned CEO in such an intimate setting is truly unique.”

“Excellent program to share and gain insights from peers, with concrete counseling on potential areas of concern.”

“Candid feedback to the point we could let our guard down and address the real problem.”

Program details

We offer different types of Bower Forum programs to address the specific situation and context of individual leaders.

For CEOs

This program is for new or experienced CEOs and is co-hosted by an former recognized CEO and/or chairperson and a McKinsey Senior Partner(s) with a strong background in leadership development. Discussions include topics like your mandate as a CEO, how to build an effective top team, how to effectively collaborate with your board or your personal growth as a CEO. Like in all bower Forums the Agenda is tailored to the need of the individual leaders.

For CEOs of Family-Owned Businesses

This program exclusively targets CEOs or Chairpersons of family-owned businesses (professional or family member) to discuss dynamics, challenges, and opportunities specific to their situation. Discussions include topics like skills and capabilities required to address and manage different generations, how to enable effective succession planning and to ensure the right governance.

For Chairpersons

This program is for chairmen and chairwomen only and is co-hosted by an experienced chairperson and a McKinsey Senior Director(s) who lead our work in the boards/governance area. Discussions include topics like clarification of the mandate between the board and management, how to effectively collaborate with your CEO, how to effectively lead your board team and personal growth aspirations.

Special topics

Additionally, the Bower Forum offers Deep Dive programs for past Bower Forum participants, specific programs for BU CEOs as well as regional variations in specific languages (e.g., in Spanish or Chinese).

Distinctive features

A practical approach to real-world scenarios and intimate peer discussions is the hallmark of the Bower Forum.

Peer-to-peer learning

Small groups allow candid exchanges in a confidential and relevant setting between peers to target critical issues.

Real-world curriculum

Problem solve around your challenges and develop clear guidance that you can apply immediately.

Leadership development

McKinsey experts and global faculty offer practical guidance on your priority topics.

Exclusive alumni network

Bower Forum participants are invited to join an exclusive alumni network that regularly brings together participants from the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, thus creating a powerful global group of peers.

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May 04 2017
May 06 2017

Bower Forum

May 04 – May 06 London
For CEOs
May 11 2017
May 13 2017

Bower Forum

May 11 – May 13 Tokyo
For CEOs—In Japanese (& English)
May 18 2017
May 20 2017

Bower Forum

May 18 – May 20 London
For Chairpersons (of the Board)
Jun 22 2017
Jun 24 2017

Bower Forum

June 22 – June 24 New York
For CEOs
Jul 06 2017
Jul 08 2017

Bower Forum

July 06 – July 08 Zurich
For CEOs
Sep 07 2017
Sep 09 2017

Bower Forum

September 07 – September 09 Frankfurt
For CEOs
Sep 07 2017
Sep 09 2017

Bower Forum

September 07 – September 09 Singapore
For CEOs
Sep 14 2017
Sep 16 2017

Bower Forum

September 14 – September 16 London
For CEOs of Family Owned Businesses
Sep 21 2017
Sep 23 2017

Bower Forum

September 21 – September 23 Zurich
For CEOs
Oct 05 2017
Oct 07 2017

Bower Forum

October 05 – October 07 Paris
For CEOs
Oct 19 2017
Oct 21 2017

Bower Forum

October 19 – October 21 Sydney
for CEO (BU CEOs)
Nov 09 2017
Nov 11 2017

Bower Forum

November 09 – November 11 London
For CEOs
Nov 30 2017
Dec 02 2017

Bower Forum

November 30 – December 02 New York
For CEOs