Signature Programs

Signature Programs

Signature Programs

Group programs by level and role to build leadership skills and maximize peer interactions.

We help mid-level managers, seasoned executives, and senior leaders build individual leadership skills. Taught by McKinsey experts and faculty from leading businesses and academic institutions, our Signature Programs unite diverse participants with their peers at critical points in their professional development. We offer a variety of programs for leaders at all levels.

For senior leaders

The opportunity to learn from peers and a seasoned CEO in such an intimate setting is truly unique.

Bower Forum participant

Bower Forum

This two-day workshop is a unique platform for a small group of CEOs or Chairpersons to discuss goals, challenges, and role-specific issues, while counseling and learning from one another.

Executive Transitions Master Class

This two-day program targets senior executives in the midst of a transition or promotion and prepares them for the challenges of their new role.

For seasoned executives

In one word? Fantastic. It was like a light bulb going off for me.

Change Leaders Forum participant

Centered Leadership Program

Built on 15 years of applied research, this 3-day program helps executives gain personal agility and craft a leadership vision that is anchored in deeper self-awareness. Participants leave with a “mini-board” of peers and personal practices to sustain their learning.

Remarkable Women Program

The Remarkable Women Program, based on seven years of research on women as leaders, is a unique opportunity to build leadership capabilities and expand one’s performance range.

Change Leaders Forum

This two-day workshop helps leaders identify the root causes of organizational inertia and provides them with proven tools to drive and sustain change in their organization.

Organizational Agility Forum

This interactive two day workshop is a unique opportunity for organizations on the verge or in the middle of an organizational re-design to discuss the latest thinking on this topic both with McKinsey experts and an exclusive group of peers.
Integration Leadership Forum

Integration Leadership Forum

Over the course of two days, executives learn how to take full advantage of a merger by maximizing value capture and accelerating long-term value creation, “Getting to Day 1” flawlessly, and retaining the best talent.

Executive Leadership Program

An invitation-only program that convenes rising stars from the world’s leading companies to build their knowledge of geopolitical trends shaping today’s business environment, sharpen their core leadership skills, and cultivate an exclusive global network of peers.

Talent Leaders Forum

A new interactive working session to answer the question “How can the CHRO lead a holistic talent strategy that enables the organization to deliver value?”

For mid-level managers

No hyperbole—this course has been transformational for me.

McKinsey Management Program participant

McKinsey Management Program Digital Courses

This series of digital courses is designed to mold high-performing general managers. Courses center around crucial topics such as strategy, problem solving, communication, and team management.

Booster Workshops

Our Booster Workshops help high-performing managers move from “good” to “great” and prepare for senior leadership roles.

Young Leaders Forum

For future leaders with approximately 7-12 years of work experience, we offer a two-day program that builds the necessary skills and insights to help them better lead themselves and their teams.

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