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Knowledge Sprints

Deep dives with a team of McKinsey experts and coaches explore topical themes of the day. Knowledge sprints can be combined and tailored to suit clients’ needs.

Agile + DevOps

Learn how Agile and DevOps can improve organizational productivity at scale by changing not only processes but also the way people think, feel, and conduct themselves in the workplace.


Explore how robotics can improve productivity, and discover where automation can provide the greatest value in an organization.

Internet of Things

Tie the interconnectedness of everything to how organizations improve processes, reduce costs and risks, and create new business models.


Learn how to achieve digital resilience and security without impeding growth.

Design Thinking

Discover how organizations are offering simple, seamless customer experiences with a heightened sense of aesthetics by embracing a design-driven culture.

Lean + Digital

Map out ways to pinpoint legacy systems and processes that are roadblocks to transformations.

Digital Marketing

Ground learnings in digital-marketing trends to bridge the divide between customers’ expectations and reality.

Machine Learning

Understand how machine learning can provide greater insights, make predictions, and prescribe actions with greater accuracy.

Advanced Analytics

Delve into how advanced analytics works with big data to create value for customers and drive real-time decisions.



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