Experience Studio Berlin

Experience Studio Berlin

A space to explore, experiment, and build digital business ideas

As part of the global network of McKinsey Experience Studios, the Experience Studio Berlin is a place where leaders immerse themselves in interactive learning and teams build digital businesses together. Located inside Europe’s largest start-up campus—Berlin’s Rocket Tower—we bring together the greatest talent and tools to help redefine customer journeys, products, and entire business models.


Experiment with technologies and products that apply user-centric design

Experience studio berlin
Interact with cutting-edge technology like artificial-intelligence personal assistants, automated robotics, and augmented-reality devices, built by McKinsey designers and engineers, innovative tech companies, and emerging start-ups. Hear firsthand from experts on the thinking and processes that went into designing these groundbreaking products and devices. We will focus on the critical role that design plays when creating products that keep the user experience top of mind.


Participate in hands-on product-design workshops and competitions

Experience studio berlin
We can create customized workshops and whole-day agendas tailored to your needs. Below are some program examples we offer for clients.


Experience studio berlin


Review the current customer experience for one of your products/services, and design a new digitally enabled journey. Develop the user interface, create a prototype, and present and test it with a group.
Experience studio berlin

Concept sprint

Leverage exciting use cases around Internet of Things (IoT) onsite to explore adjacent markets and kick-start agile product development. Prepare the product, technology, and architecture strategy. Get real-time feedback to address risks, and ramp up the team to begin development.
Experience studio berlin

Design-driven innovation booster

Assemble a cross-functional group of R&D, engineers, marketers, product owners, and more to ideate and prototype a new service or product. Applying a user-centric approach focused on design and usability, you will explore a wide range of prototyping methods.
Experience studio berlin

Disruption war game

Simulate the environment of competitors and disruptors in your market through an interactive war game. Pressure-test strategies, react to external market shocks, research potential technology investments, and negotiate strategic partnerships.
Experience studio berlin

Augmented reality

Learn how smart glasses can be applied to manufacturing processes from McKinsey experts and leading start-ups in wearable computing technologies.
Experience studio berlin

Rapid Internet of Things prototyping

Work with a team of developers, IoT device experts, user-experience designers, product owners, and domain experts to build a product prototype and translate your ideas into viable business plans.


Develop a digital business in our co-working space

Experience studio berlin
Collaborate with a team of McKinsey digital entrepreneurs and build a digital unit to be added to your organization. This will then drive the larger digital transformation. We will jointly build up and operate the unit—recruit talent, implement new agile ways of working, and set up continuous product delivery. Following this, all capabilities will be fully transferred to your business, so it can run on its own.


Attend events to hear new ideas and thinking from digital thought leaders

Meet leaders from global corporations at our wide variety of roundtables, presentations, and networking events. Connect with cutting-edge start-ups on recent innovations, and develop potential partnerships.
Experience studio berlin

Berlin Experience Studio

Rocket Tower (12th floor)
Charlottenstr. 4
10969 Berlin

Voice: +49 175 318 1956

Contact Us http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Rocket Tower (12th floor) Charlottenstr. 4 10969 Berlin Germany

Our people

Digital Partner, Berlin

Markus Berger-de León

Supports digital transformations with the insights of a seasoned digital entrepreneur; leads our Digital Studio in Germany
Senior Partner, Munich

Karel Dörner

Uses his extensive experience in digital transformation, digital marketing, multichannel technology, and e-commerce to help retail and consumer-goods clients
Partner, Frankfurt

Kersten Heineke

Co-leads McKinsey’s global effort for Digital in Automotive, with a focus on new business opportunities as a result of digital disruptions in the automotive industry (i.e. connected cars, autonomous driving, and shared mobility)
Partner, Munich

Dominik Wee

Leads McKinsey’s global Digital in Automotive & Industrial initiative. Focuses on the topics of Connected Car, Autonomous Driving, and Industry 4.0.

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