Our People

Himanshu Agarwal

Partner, New York
Helps high-tech companies, financial institutions, and healthcare companies realize business value through technological transformation and optimization

Jason Ambrose

Digital VP, Silicon Valley
Leads our platform-architecture and configuration work in North America; achieves impact from CRM, BPM, financial-planning, and other enterprise...

Michael Bender

Senior Partner, Chicago
Is co-leader of McKinsey's global Digital Practice; helps leading companies across industries shape digital strategy, harness Big Data for business...

Enrico Benni

Senior Partner, Abu Dhabi
Helps clients on a number of business-technology issues, including sourcing, CRM and global integration of IT systems

Markus Berger-de León

Digital Partner, Berlin
Supports digital transformations with the insights of a seasoned digital entrepreneur; leads our Digital Studio in Germany

Satty Bhens

Digital Partner, New York
A leader of Digital Labs, helps clients implement technology practices that accelerate how the business delivers value

Simon Blackburn

Senior Partner, Sydney
Helps public- and private-sector clients achieve lasting improvements in their performance, with a focus on implementing transformational change...

Michael Bloch

Senior Partner, Tel Aviv
Helps clients create high-impact sourcing strategies and leads our work on value assurance globally

Henk Broeders

Senior Partner, Toronto
Leads McKinsey’s digital insurance initiative in North America, and our Financial Services Practice in Canada, serving major banks and insurers...

Brad Brown

Senior Partner, New York
Helps clients use technology, big data and advanced analytics, and digital capabilities as a competitive advantage

Jacques Bughin

MGI Director and Senior Partner, Brussels
Leads research on global economic and technology trends and has served media, telecom, online services, health care, fintech, travel and logistics...

Tanguy Catlin

Senior Partner, Boston
Works with major financial institutions, and leads McKinsey’s Digital Quotient initiative—helping companies rapidly gauge and strengthen their...

Jamie Cattell

Partner, Tokyo
Serves life-sciences and medical-technology clients on commercial strategy, organization, business technology, and real-world data initiatives.

Santiago Comella-Dorda

Partner, Boston
Works with clients to define, develop, and implement digital solutions that achieve cost efficiencies, productivity gains, improved project management,...

Peter Dahlström

Senior Partner, London
Serves leading global institutions, predominantly in the telecommunications, high-tech, media, and fast-moving consumer goods industries

Lalatendu Das

Digital Vice President, Bangalore
Brings agile development and rapid digitization to complex operations, boosting core performance. Leads McKinsey Digital Labs in India.

Katya Défossez

Partner, Houston
Focuses on public sector IT work, particularly in IT strategy, application development, value assurance, and IT infrastructure

Driek Desmet

Senior Partner, London
Works with financial institutions on business and IT strategy design and implementation, focusing on growth, digital business models, and transformation...

Joao Dias

Partner, Cologne
Works with banking and insurance companies to digitize customer journeys

Yran Bartolumeu Dias

Partner, São Paulo
Advises retail and digital banks, financial services, and credit card companies on developing and executing digital strategies and on effecting...

Karel Dörner

Senior Partner, Munich
Uses his extensive experience in digital transformation, digital marketing, multichannel technology, and e-commerce to help retail and consumer-goods...

Ewan Duncan

Senior Partner, Seattle
Managing Partner of our Seattle office. Works with technology, media and telecoms clients across multiple topics to improve overall performance...

Alexander Edlich

Senior Partner, New York
A financial services and private equity leader

Brian Fox

Senior Partner, New Jersey
Guides healthcare companies as they seek ways to improve profitability and grow, often through innovative product launch, marketing, sales, and...

Brendan Gaffey

Senior Partner, Dallas
Provides deep insight into consumer digital behaviors for high tech, media, and telecom organizations

Julie Goran

Partner, New York
Helps executives transform the organization to pursue growth and seize digital opportunities. Leader in our Organization and Financial Services...

Michael Gryseels

Senior Partner, Singapore
Serves telecommunications, media and entertainment, and high-tech clients in emerging and developed markets on strategy, design, and digital...

Eric Hazan

Senior Partner, Paris
Eric leads Digital McKinsey in France. As one of the leaders of McKinsey’s Consumer Goods, Retail, and Telecommunications Practices, he...

Jason Heller

Partner, Global Lead, Digital Marketing Operations & Technology , New York
Helps companies rise to the challenges of digital-age marketing by leveraging new strategies, marketing technologies, data, and analytics to...

Nicolaus Henke

Senior Partner, London
Global leader of McKinsey Analytics; advises across healthcare, banking, consumer industries, regulators, and governments on employing big data,...

Louise Herring

Partner, London
Guides digital transformations for retail and consumer-facing clients in the United Kingdom and Europe

Vinayak HV

Partner, Singapore
Works closely with local, regional, and global institutions on a broad range of strategic and transformation challenges to capture value

Chris Ip

Senior Partner, Hong Kong
A strategy and technology expert working with clients to drive business change

Noshir Kaka

Senior Partner, Mumbai
Co-leads our global Analytics Practice; founded our Outsourcing and Offshoring Practice in India.

James Kaplan

Partner, New York
Has deep expertise on how enterprises can benefit from maximizing the use of their infrastructure. In addition, a core member of the team tackling...

Alex Kazaks

Partner, San Francisco
Helps domestic and global companies better serve their customers by transforming digital capabilities and developing skills for innovation to...

Steve Kelly

Senior Partner, Philadelphia
Has deep expertise in public-sector IT and how to create sustainable impact

Somesh Khanna

Senior Partner, New York
Somesh leads high impact digital transformation, innovation and performance improvement engagements with financial services clients. He is the...

Jennifer Kilian

Digital Partner, New York
Combines creative vision with compelling design to drive innovation and reinvent how businesses engage with customers

Alena Kretzberg

Partner, Frankfurt
Helps align IT with company strategies, particularly in enterprise architecture and the financial services sector

Krish Krishnakanthan

Partner, New York
Generates significant improvements in clients’ application-development efforts through use of lean and other management techniques

Steven van Kuiken

Senior Partner, New Jersey
Brings technology solutions to help healthcare companies transform operational performance and increase market responsiveness

Ling Lau

Digital VP, New Jersey
Leads large-scale digital transformations through agile software development and operations, fostering a continuous delivery culture. Co-leads...

Richard Lee

Senior Partner, Seoul
Works with leading technology, media, telecommunications, and private-equity clients to enable digital transformations that capture value

Markus Löffler

Senior Partner, Stuttgart
An expert on infrastructure issues that affect enterprises in their deployment of technology

Alwin Magimay

Digital Partner, London
Pioneer of digital consulting services with more than 20 years of experience. Drives high-profile business transformations for international...

Belkis Vasquez-McCall

Digital Partner, New York
Draws on agile methodology to inspire greater levels of performance across the enterprise and accelerate the pace of new-product development

Paul McInerney

Senior Partner, Tokyo
Brings deep customer insight and marketing and sales experience to consumer businesses such as retailers, packaged goods and media companies,...

Jürgen Meffert

Senior Partner, Düsseldorf
A recognized thought leader inside and outside McKinsey who serves telecommunications, high tech, and media companies across the globe

Vijay Mehra

Digital Vice President, Singapore
Leads McKinsey Digital Labs in Southeast Asia. Guides at-scale, rapid digitization initiatives for banks, telecommunications companies, and others,...

Mark Mintz

Digital Partner, New York
Leads digital and agile transformations, building capabilities to help companies compete and win in the long term

Dilip Mistry

Digital VP, Singapore
Leads Digital Labs in North Asia and helps executives drive transformational digital initiatives to unlock the power of agile development and...

Niko Mohr

Partner, Düsseldorf
Valued by international clients in industries from telecommunications to advanced industries to healthcare for his deep expertise in digital...

Tunde Olanrewaju

Senior Partner, London
Advises leading wholesale- and retail-banking clients on issues of strategy, organization, operations, and technology

Jasper van Ouwerkerk

Senior Partner, Amsterdam
Shapes large-scale capability transformation programs, including digitization. Leads McKinsey's work in service operations

Christopher Paquette

Partner, Chicago
Assists financial-services and banking clients with all aspects of digital transformation, from strategy to operations to customer experience

Pradip K. Patiath

Senior Partner, Chicago
Pradip is a senior leader of McKinsey’s Digital Financial Services Practice and co-leads our work in consumer and small-business banking in North...

Madhu Pawar

Partner, San Francisco
Serves healthcare insurers on infrastructure issues and focuses on helping companies use technology to achieve greater impact

Peter Peters

Partner, Frankfurt
Helps clients maximize the impact of technology, particularly in technology-enabled operations, sourcing, and enterprise architecture

Andrea Peyracchia

Digital Partner, Milan
Guides digital transformation with an emphasis on building new digital ventures; leads digitization, design, and digital capability building...

Mark Phillips

Digital VP, San Francisco
Brings extensive digital experience in marketing, product-service design, mobile, and e-commerce to a range of clients in the entertainment,...

Kausik Rajgopal

Senior Partner, Silicon Valley
Managing Partner of our West Coast office. Advises financial institutions, payments companies, and public sector organizations on developing...

Gérard Richter

Senior Partner, Frankfurt
Leader of Digital McKinsey in Germany. Drives strategy and technology-enabled transformation programs across industries.

Erik Roth

Senior Partner, Stamford
A leading thinker and adviser on innovation-led growth, R&D, and marketing strategy

Kayvaun Rowshankish

Partner, New York
Co-founder of our global digital risk practice; helps financial services firms design and execute large-scale digital risk transformations, addressing...

Mahin Samadani

Digital Partner, San Francisco
Passionate about inspirational approaches to creating digital products and services, with a focus on service design, design-centered thinking,...

Hugo Sarrazin

Senior Partner, Silicon Valley
Pioneers innovative initiatives that help clients reinvent their businesses. Co-founder and global leader of Digital Labs

Ido Segev

Partner, Boston
Helps clients understand their Digital Quotient and implement digital programs to improve financial performance

Joydeep Sengupta

Senior Partner, Singapore
Leads the Asia–Pacific Banking Practice and works side by side with banking and insurance clients to transform their businesses

Gonçalo Serpa Pinto

Senior Partner, Madrid
Leads Digital McKinsey in Iberia and Latin America and advises large corporations—in particular, financial-services companies—on business and...

Sha Sha

Senior Partner, Hong Kong
Advises clients on issues concerning growth, product development, sales transformation, and marketing innovation. Leads our Advanced Industries...

Prasoon Sharma

Digital Partner, New York
Deep expertise in cutting-edge at-scale data architectures and analytics-based decision tools, machine learning, and big data. Leverages next-generation...

Parker Shi

Senior Partner, New Jersey
Helps consumer-facing industry clients develop technology, data, and human skills and capabilities to enable digital transformation

Jonathan Silver

Partner, New York
Helps media companies drive performance through high-impact technology and find growth opportunities in emerging digital formats

Marc Singer

Senior Partner, San Francisco
Helps clients become deeply digital to drive rapid performance improvements and accelerate growth

Kate Smaje

Senior Partner, London
Works with clients on architecting and driving rapid digital transformations. Oversees McKinsey’s internal technology and digital transformation

Brandy Smith

Digital Partner
Helps clients achieve full business value from their investment in technology and leads our platform architecture and delivery center of excellence.

Vik Sohoni

Senior Partner, Chicago
Helps major banking clients to transform their businesses by building up and scaling their digital capabilities and developing agile operations...

Kara Sprague

Partner, San Francisco
Brings substantial industry and technical expertise in software and cloud to help technology and service providers grow and transform

Bob Sternfels

Senior Partner, San Francisco
Enables clients to gain and sustain competitive advantage by designing next-generation operating models

Anand Swaminathan

Senior Partner, San Francisco
Enables clients to harness the full potential of technology and digital capabilities to achieve sustainable growth and improve performance

Robert Tas

Digital Vice President, New York
Draws on decades of digital-marketing and operations experience to drive growth through digital advantage

Gregor Theisen

Senior Partner, Hong Kong
Leads our work with financial institutions in Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa and has deep expertise in insurance and banking,...

Michael Uhl

Partner, Silicon Valley
Advises technology companies seeking growth through operational improvements; brings experience across sectors, including electronic equipment,...

Kelly Ungerman

Partner, Dallas
Transforms sales and marketing organizations for retail and consumer packaged goods clients, finding the potential for long-term growth

Dilip Venkatachari

Digital VP, Silicon Valley
Deep experience in technology, financial services, and marketing, which he uses to help clients identify opportunities, develop innovative solutions,...

Conrad Voorsanger

Digital VP, Silicon Valley
Helps clients use data, digitization, and the cloud to reinvent business processes for impact.

Paul Willmott

Senior Partner, London
Excited by the potential of digital technology to transform organizations and improve performance. Helps executives identify and capture the...

Hyo Yeon

Digital Partner, New York
A leader of our global design practice who works closely with clients to turn customer empathy into innovative experiences, products, and services