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8 observations from Davos: The practical side of digital

– It may not be much longer before we’re referring to the annual World Economic Forum as “Digital Davos.”

Six building blocks for creating a high-performing digital enterprise

– Digitization affects almost everything in today's organizations, which makes capturing its benefits uniquely complex. Here are... the most important aspects that winning companies consider.

What ‘digital’ really means

– Everyone wants to go digital. The first step is truly understanding what that means.

Reborn in the cloud

– Adobe executives discuss the company’s move from selling shrink-wrapped products to offering web-based software and services.

Growing by adapting at speed

– How do companies stay ahead when everyone is accelerating? Not by merely adapting to changing conditions, but by doing so quickly... and decisively, according to McKinsey’s Marc Singer.

Acquiring the capabilities you need to go digital

– Some of the talent and tools won’t necessarily be found in-house. Here’s how to create a sustainable strategy for... sourcing the right people and products.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Competition at the digital edge: ‘Hyperscale’ businesses

– Digitization is giving rise to a new form of competition, with a scale and complexity that challenge managerial conventions. Learn... about the new landscape.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

A virtuous cycle for top-line growth

– New data and better coordination can create value in the sales channel.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Service innovation in a digital world

– New digital upstarts are threatening the bottom lines, growth prospects, and even business models of traditional service providers.... It’s time for incumbents to innovate—or be left behind.

Strategic choices for banks in the digital age

– Consumers around the world are quickly adopting digital banking. Incumbents only have a short period to adjust to this new reality... or risk becoming obsolete.

The bank of the future

– Digitization is challenging the very way banks operate. Yet it also represents a significant opportunity, as McKinsey’s Somesh... Khanna explains.