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From disrupted to disruptor: Reinventing your business by transforming the core

From disrupted to disruptor: Reinventing your business by transforming the core

From disrupted to disruptor: Reinventing your business by transforming the core

Companies must be open to radical reinvention to find new, significant, and sustainable sources of revenue.

Digital reinvention: Transformation & Leadership


The seven decisions that matter in a digital transformation: A CEO’s guide to reinvention

– A successful digital transformation requires making trade-off decisions. Here’s how successful CEOs guide their business’s reinvention.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

The case for digital reinvention

Interview - McKinsey Quarterly

ING’s agile transformation

Digital reinvention: Building the next-gen operating model


Speed and scale: Unlocking digital value in customer journeys

– Even as organizations assemble digital building blocks for the long term, they also need short-term, pragmatic moves that meet... customer expectations and protect core businesses today.

Transforming operations management for a digital world

– When combined, digital innovation and operations-management discipline boost organizations’ performance higher, faster,... and to greater scale than has previously been possible.

Rewiring Citi for the digital age

December 2016–Citigroup’s Head of Operations and Technology describes the bank’s efforts to accelerate its digital transition, as well as the importance of having the right talent and agility to pull it off.

Digital reinvention: Technology

Digital reinvention: Analytics

Digital blog

Digital McKinsey

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Looking beyond technology to drive sales operations

– New trends are forcing sales leaders to rethink how they sell. The right investment in sales operations can unlock sustainable... growth.

An executive’s guide to software development

– This essential capability is a blind spot for many nontech leaders.

Discussions on digital: How strategy is evolving—and staying the same—in the hypergrowth digital age

– Strategy is evolving in unexpected ways, as Silicon Valley thought leaders discuss in McKinsey’s latest Discussions... on Digital podcast.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Measuring B2B’s digital gap

– B2B companies fall short of their B2C counterparts in key areas of our Digital Quotient assessment.

Engaging customers: The evolution of Asia–Pacific digital banking

– Consumers across the region are adopting digital banking. Our latest study finds banks must act quickly to take full advantage.

Engineering the switch to digital

– The CIO of ING Bank discusses the importance of top engineering talent and agile ways of working when it comes to digitizing products... and processes.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

A smart home is where the bot is

– Within a decade, our living spaces will be enhanced by a host of new devices and technologies, performing a range of household... functions and redefining what it means to feel at home.

Why your company needs a chief customer officer (CCO)

– Savvy leaders know that customer-centricity is a fulltime job.

Enabling seamless lifelong learning journeys—the next frontier of digital education

– In emerging markets, the digital transformation of education is gaining traction, and all stakeholders can benefit if they seize... new opportunities for collaboration.
Interview - McKinsey Quarterly

Nokia’s next chapter

– The Finnish giant has exited mobile phones and doubled down on its networking business. Chairman Risto Siilasmaa explains why—and... how.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

McKinsey Quarterly 2016 Number 4: Overview and full issue

– This issue of the Quarterly, available here as a PDF download, explores how executives can ensure they’re putting... their data to good use, the future of China’s business environment, the art of transforming organizations, and why leadership requires reason and emotion.

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