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Transformation & Implementation

We help clients implement the changes necessary to transform their businesses to the core.

We work closely with the world’s largest, most complex companies to implement full-scale digital transformations—from building out technology foundations to digitizing core processes to implementing new-customer experiences. Our approach is based on a “build, operate, transfer” model: we help build the solution, operate it with our client to make sure it works while making the necessary adjustments, and then transfer capabilities so that the client itself can run the program.

Discovering what needs to be done

A transformation is a massive undertaking. While speed is crucial, clients need to head in the right direction—where the value is. We identify the technologies, talent, capabilities, and processes that help our clients go beyond surface changes, to what’s needed for a full digital transformation. Read more about how we help clients with Strategy & Value Creation.

Designing the program

With a clear eye on value, we work closely with our clients to determine and prioritize how to transform the business and culture. We help figure out which systems to build first to support the changes, align the leadership to reach agreement and clarity about how to proceed, and then coordinate the work of multiple cross-functional implementation teams. We also identify potential partners and providers that offer the right capabilities to help our clients meet their goals.

Delivering the change

We have combined a longstanding set of capabilities with new ones to help our clients implement their ideas:

  • Digital Labs: We offer a unique mix of the world’s best human-centered designers, data scientists, agile engineers, software specialists, and change leaders to develop rapid prototypes and “fully baked” systems.
  • McKinsey Implementation: Our teams work on-site with clients to achieve long-term improvements and measurable bottom-line results. We help to strengthen and align the leadership, transform processes, optimize management practices, and build capabilities through rigorous, supportive coaching.
  • New delivery models: We have built up a set of capabilities called—McKinsey Solutions—that combine industry and functional expertise with data science. These solutions use new working models to help clients build capabilities for the future and help improve performance over the long term.


Our flexible implementation models lower costs for our clients while providing critical expertise, from software engineers to designers to implementation coaches. In addition, our close working relationships with the ecosystem of providers allow us to bring the best solutions to our clients. And our deep expertise in implementing technology systems makes it possible for us to sequence and prioritize programs so that they are self-funding.


Jürgen Meffert

Senior Partner, Düsseldorf

Tunde Olanrewaju

Senior Partner, London

Jasper van Ouwerkerk

Senior Partner, Amsterdam

Vik Sohoni

Senior Partner, Chicago

Paul Willmott

Senior Partner, London


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