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Corporate and Business Functions

We work with clients to improve the productivity and performance of functions such as IT, finance, HR, procurement, legal, and facilities management. We help redefine these functions and transform cross-functional processes so that organizations can deliver services such as procure-to-pay, order-to-cash, and other integrated enterprise services smoothly and efficiently.

Our cross-disciplinary approach draws heavily on our experience in lean, customer-centric organizational design, IT enablement, sourcing, capability building, change management, and governance.

Our clients include leading Fortune 500 companies that want to transform their support functions, implement zero-based design and budgeting, apply and design shared services, pursue captive and third-party offshoring arrangements, streamline operational structures, and redesign customer-facing processes from the front end to the back in order to deliver superior and sustainable performance.

Our teams leverage our leading-edge research on automation and digital transformation to help our clients realize significant performance improvements quickly. Our design efforts are backed by a robust case library and deep, sector-specific benchmarking databases—with head count and cost data from thousands of organizations as well as global outsourcing and offshoring databases that contain process-level data from close to 400 companies. In addition, specialized value-capture and visualization tools support performance tracking and design to ensure a high level of governance throughout.

We are recognized for pioneering some of the most innovative organizational transformations for our own support functions, from our early work in developing shared-services models to our current leadership in establishing advanced-analytics and knowledge centers. We also leverage our global firm resources—including McKinsey Global Institute’s research on the future of work and digitization—much of which will have a fundamental impact on how corporate and business functions evolve.

Our practice consists of more than 500 global practitioners. Together, they have completed more than 2,500 transformation projects over the past 10 years.

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