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Application Management

We help clients with strategy, organization, sourcing, metrics, performance management, and lean processes.

Application development and maintenance is at the center of delivering IT capabilities to business, and it typically accounts for half of IT costs. We help organizations achieve step-change improvements in cycle time, quality, and cost by addressing demand management, application rationalization, project portfolio management, project value analysis, mega project management, lean/agile development, global sourcing and partner model, performance management, and capability building.

We bring our deep expertise in business strategy, operational transformation, and technology to a range of value creation and enablement opportunities. We are well placed to work with both IT and business and have distinctive capability in defining and supporting the execution of complex transformations. We are vendor agnostic and as such provide independent/objective advice. We do not provide development or maintenance service.

Recent examples of our work include helping a large global financial institution think through its development processes to reduce cycle time and improve efficiency. In addition, we helped a large pharmaceutical company restructure its ADM to improve accountability, clarify responsibility of roles, and improve efficiency by 10 to 15 percent.

Featured experts

Krish Krishnakanthan

Partner, New York

Featured Capability


Horizon360 CAST

Helps our clients analyze the performance of application development teams to identify productivity enhancement opportunities. CAST assesses both the complexity and quality of application code.

Impact story

Reduced complexity and costs help transform a global telecom

A global telecom company was experiencing significant delays in the introduction of new applications. Over a 12-month period, we did several things to transform the organization and helped reduce costs by 10 to 20 percent and cycle time by 20 to 30 percent, allowing the client to meet the majority of product launches.



Beyond agile: Reorganizing IT for faster software delivery

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Enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of application development

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Agile compendium

Download a collection of our perspectives on creating an agile approach to innovation.