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Tech Management

Technology is the backbone of digital transformation. From application development to rapid development, how enterprises manage their technology has a critical influence on their ability to create value.

We help major companies build out systems that accelerate innovation and optimize business-critical functions.

We help our clients get the most from technology with the following approaches:

  1. We help identify technologies that can deliver value today and in the future. We test the financial and operational requirements of our clients’ IT infrastructure and help navigate the complex technology landscape to identify the solutions that best meet our clients’ needs.
  2. We draw heavily on our experience in helping clients redesign IT functions, such as application development, infrastructure, sourcing, or lean IT, as well as on our knowledge of business strategy and sector dynamics. We help clients design architectures and systems that create business value, and we align the perspective of our clients’ IT function with the demands of the boardroom. In particular, we work with clients to create a two-speed IT architecture—a front-end system to deliver customer-facing programs quickly that runs alongside more static and core back-end transactional systems for areas such as financial reporting. We also design data centers that draw on new rules for data-center strategy, including demand reduction, green-design approaches, and modular designs.
  3. We understand that a program to transform IT is a major investment. That’s why we have created new programs to reduce financial and operational risk. We tie our fees to outcomes, coinvest, underwrite impact, and prioritize and sequence initiatives to provide rapid returns in order to fund the change.
  4. We also help remove risk in technology delivery—and financial investment—by helping clients rapidly prototype and test new interfaces and IT solutions. We have a proven Value Assurance methodology, which helps clients deliver critical IT projects on time and within budget, capturing maximum business benefit and value.

Featured experts

Michael Bender

Senior Partner, Chicago

Brad Brown

Senior Partner, New York

Markus Löffler

Senior Partner, Stuttgart

Satty Bhens

Digital Partner, New York

Hugo Sarrazin

Senior Partner, Silicon Valley

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