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Innovation Boot Camp

We bring clients face-to-face with innovators from Silicon Valley to New York to Singapore so they can learn from the world’s most dynamic start-ups.

We have developed immersion experiences for our clients, so they can be exposed to—and learn firsthand—what makes the best start-ups so successful. 

Alex Kazaks

We are plugged into the start-up ecosystem in all the major global centers of innovation. These include Silicon Valley, which boasts the world’s densest concentration of technology giants and venture capitalists, as well as Berlin, London, New York, Singapore, and Tel Aviv.

Here are a few of the start-up experiences we offer:

  • Silicon Valley Innovation Boot Camp is an intensive 2-to 3-day session that brings client executives face-to-face with innovators who are at once potential business partners and potential formidable foes. We put together a custom itinerary of visits, workshops, and debriefings based on the client’s industry and objectives. Learn more about our Innovation Boot Camp.
  • Our Silicon Alley Roadshow in New York focuses on financial technology. We bring financial-services clients from around the world together with digital disruptors and innovators in banking, person-to-person lending, wealth management, and insurance.
  • Digital McKinsey Campus in Singapore has a mission to help enterprises in Asia stay competitive in the digital age. We do that by bringing together many of the region’s leading start-ups plus large companies and innovators in government for intensive, on-site sessions on our digital campus. Learn more about our campus.


Alex Kazaks

Partner, San Francisco

Michael Uhl

Partner, Silicon Valley


Article - McKinsey Quarterly

How should you tap into Silicon Valley?

– Not by sticking a toe in the water. Get your management team aligned and then commit.


Building Client Capabilities

We deliver more than solutions. We partner with clients to build the capabilities they need to move quickly, be agile, and create... value long after we’ve left.

Design Thinking

How can established companies create customer experiences as seamless and simple as those offered by the best digital start-ups?

Digital Labs

We work with the world’s largest organizations to accelerate the impact of digital transformation. Partnering closely with our... clients, we prototype ideas, test them with real customers, and quickly adapt the solution. Combining data science, human-centered design, and the latest rapid-development techniques—such as agile coaching, concept sprints, and DevOps—we help our clients deliver breakthrough products, experiences, and businesses.

Digital Opportunity Scan

A diagnostic and benchmarking tool that assesses how profitably companies are engaging with their customers.

Innovation Boot Camp

We bring clients face-to-face with innovators from Silicon Valley to New York to Singapore so they can learn from the world’s... most dynamic start-ups.

Our Provider Ecosystem

We evaluate and curate the best emerging and proven providers.