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Digital Strategy & Value Creation

We help clients pinpoint emerging opportunities, find unexpected value, and create new businesses by harnessing the full power of digital.

Strategy in the digital age requires reimagining your business and reinventing how you work to continually spot new sources of value and to capture them quickly. To win in this environment, companies will have to build on their existing advantages, while reinventing their own practices to become more agile and focused on customers. We enable companies to capture new value—whether that’s in new businesses, new services, or new experiences. Here’s how we do it:

Discovering new value

We work at the frontiers of change across sectors and geographies to help clients identify where the value is—or soon will be. We work with clients to parse the digital landscape to quantify the most meaningful opportunities and the most significant threats. With decades of strategy experience and data-driven insights, we anticipate which digital competitors and technologies could enter our clients’ industries, analyze how these competitors might change the game, and plot a course to defend and seize new business opportunities.

Examples from our toolkit:

  • Dot Matrix provides deep empirical insights to predict how and where future disruptions will occur at an industry level and within companies. Analyzing disruptions across 176 value chains, this tool pinpoints the characteristics that create successful digital businesses. These insights give you the capacity to anticipate, defend and seize the new spaces that disruption creates.
  • Digital 360 helps you pinpoint where the digital sources of value are within your industry. This tool calculates the amount of value under threat, and open for opportunity, across different areas of your business. Using Digital 360, organizations can identify the value at stake through innovations in marketing, sales and distribution, operations and IT.

Designing new businesses, products, and services

Armed with insights on how digital will transform your industry, we help you reimagine your company for the future. We work closely with business leaders in strategy workshops that challenge conventions and chart a new course for breakout growth. We help you align your company's structure and processes with a future where automation and machine learning will remake industries and reshape the workforce—whether to build or buy new businesses, which sectors to exit entirely, and how to reshape your products.

To help clients answer these kinds of questions, we combine the best of McKinsey’s strategy consulting with next-generation design thinking.

Delivering the value

Execution is the new strategy. Our bias is toward action, not extended analysis: we help prove the value and move quickly to capture it. Our design experts work with client teams to build prototypes of new products and services in days or weeks. We help clients navigate the ecosystem of digital providers and connect them with the most relevant capabilities so they can scale quickly. At the same time, we focus on delivering value for the long term. We build capabilities so clients can build on their own successes.

We helped a major international banking player to create a greenfield digital-attacker subsidiary. This work included developing the strategy, planning the implementation, and working hand in hand with the bank’s team to build the bank and get it into the market in less than 10 months.


We understand that a digital transformation is a major investment. That’s why we have created new engagement programs to reduce financial and operational risk. We tie our fees to outcomes, coinvest, underwrite impact, and prioritize and sequence initiatives to provide rapid returns in order to fund the change.


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Senior Partner, London

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Senior Partner, New York

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Senior Partner, San Francisco

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Digital Capabilities

Benchmarks a company’s digital capabilities against peers and digital leaders, providing business leaders a clear view of the... best practices needed to move ahead.

Digital Quotient

Digital Quotient® (DQ™) is the most objective, comprehensive measurement of a company's digital maturity and capabilities... in the market today. DQ allows clients to clearly identify their digital strengths and weaknesses across different business units, and make comparisons against hundreds of organizations around the world.



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