Digital Quotient®

Digital Quotient®

A comprehensive assessment of how an organization’s digital maturity and capabilities drive financial performance.
Digital Quotient

We created an assessment called Digital Quotient® (DQ™) to measure an organization's digital maturity and capabilities and to examine how they drive financial performance. DQ lets companies clearly identify their digital strengths and weaknesses across different business units and make comparisons against hundreds of organizations around the world.

With DQ, companies can evaluate four major outcomes: strategy, culture, organization, and capabilities. It provides a framework around which to address the complexities of running a digital transformation and what actions to take to achieve rapid results and sustain long-term performance.

How it works

Based on an online survey of senior executives and their direct reports, DQ assesses four outcomes that have been proven to drive digital performance:

  1. Strategy—the vision and goals that are in place to meet digital business aspirations for the short and long term
  2. Culture—the mind-sets and behaviors critical to capture digital opportunities
  3. Organization—the structure, processes, and talent supporting execution of the digital strategy.
  4. Capabilities—the systems, tools, digital skills, and technology to achieve digital goals. Companies can gain a deeper understanding by taking a Digital Capabilities diagnostic.

What results look like

Within a few days of completing the survey, companies that participate receive a comprehensive report that includes an evaluation of the results against peer participants and best practices. Our team of digital experts can also moderate workshops to determine specific actions that will deliver the greatest impact and help mobilize the organization around priority digital efforts.

Why it works

To develop the DQ assessment, we have partnered with digital leaders from different industries and tapped McKinsey's deep experience about what drives financial performance. This analysis has uncovered the specific correlations of digital and financial performance, such as total return to shareholders. The assessment of specific digital-management practices provides companies with real insights into what's working and what isn't. The output of a DQ assessment goes far beyond simple scoring to identify priority actions companies should take.

To learn more about DQ, please contact Bryce Hall.

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Tanguy Catlin

Senior Partner, Boston

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Partner, Boston

Marc Singer

Senior Partner, San Francisco


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