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Digital Organization & Capabilities

We help large companies to create agile cultures that work at the speed of digital.

Combining McKinsey's long-standing organizational experience with our leading digital expertise, we work with clients to create processes that support both agility and stability. We also help foster the key traits of successful digital companies: experimentation and collaboration. While we can quickly provide experts to round out the needs of our clients, we focus on identifying and supporting the capabilities and talent they need to scale a digital transformation.

Discovering your digital capabilities

We can create a clear, accurate picture of an organization's ability to use digital to deliver value. Our Digital Quotient® (DQ™) tool measures how an organization's digital maturity and capabilities drive its financial performance, and our Digital Capabilities (DC) diagnostic provides a deep analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of core digital competencies.

Assessing digital maturity

(Re-)Designing the organization

McKinsey helps clients to define the practical steps and incentives they need to evolve their roles and responsibilities, management practices, and employee behavior. We also show them how to identify the talent they'll need to drive the transformation—including "translators" who can bridge different functions, such as analytics, IT, and business strategy. Our approach moves far beyond "boxes and lines," to identify the processes that actually power a digital organization—and how they should work.

Delivering agility and speed

McKinsey helps clients to build, test, and implement new services, products, and campaigns rapidly. Our expert technologists, designers, and coaches use a "see-do-teach" model to build the capabilities of our clients, working side by side with their core team members on real applications and then training a broader set of employees to scale these competencies.

We also help clients to incorporate new acquisitions and work with ecosystems of partners to utilize the best of each merging organization's capabilities.

To learn more about how we help companies manage change, please read about our Transformation & Implementation capabilities.


We work with clients to identify the top risks in a transformation program and build organizational capabilities to manage them, focusing on what drives long-term value, ramping up new processes quickly, and using external resources where necessary to minimize costs. Our proven change-management approaches help ensure that the digital transformation is not only delivered but also sustained. We tie our fees to outcomes, coinvest, underwrite impact, and prioritize and sequence initiatives to provide rapid returns to finance change.


Tanguy Catlin

Senior Partner, Boston

Somesh Khanna

Senior Partner, New York

Kate Smaje

Senior Partner, London

Vik Sohoni

Senior Partner, Chicago


Digital Quotient

Digital Quotient® (DQ™) is the most objective, comprehensive measurement of a company's digital maturity and capabilities... in the market today. DQ allows clients to clearly identify their digital strengths and weaknesses across different business units, and make comparisons against hundreds of organizations around the world.


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