With Digital Capabilities’ benchmarking, you can shape a digital transformation

The diagnostic benchmarks a company’s digital capabilities against peers, digital leaders, best practices, and its desired future state. Our organization and digital experts can further review and test the results so that business leaders have a clear view of how to move ahead. DC can be completed in 3 to 4 weeks. Clients often use DC along with the Digital Quotient® tool, which provides an overview of a business's capabilities as well as culture, strategy, and organization.

How it works

The DC diagnostic consists of over 300 questions and expert-developed responses, which enable benchmarking across the 23 most meaningful digital capabilities along 6 distinct dimensions.

Digital Capabilities diagnostic

The digital survey is targeted toward subject-matter experts (senior vice presidents, direct reports, and other SMEs) across key divisions (for example, marketing, operations, IT, or advanced analytics), with a suggested minimum of three participants required for any capability. DC can be deployed in tandem with and as a complement to Digital Quotient (DQ®), which assesses an organization's digital maturity by looking at management practices and mind-sets, and provides a high-level overview of which capabilities drive financial performance.

Companies that participate receive a comprehensive report within a few days of completing the survey. We then work with clients to review the results in detail and assess the implications in areas such as digital marketing and integrated customer experience, data-driven insights, and digitally enabled operations and next-generation technology.

To learn more about DC, please contact Bryce Hall.


Tanguy Catlin

Senior Partner, Boston

Jason Heller

Partner, Global Lead, Digital Marketing Operations & Technology, New York

Somesh Khanna

Senior Partner, New York

Kate Smaje

Senior Partner, London


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