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Customer Experience & Design

We help design experiences that delight customers at every step of the decision journey and drive top-line growth.

We help clients understand what customers really want. Then we use design thinking to rearchitect how best to engage those customers and build out entire systems that transform the complete experience. The impact is rapid and dramatic—on customer satisfaction, revenue growth, cost to serve, and employee engagement.

customer experience

Using empathy to discover what drives customers

All great design begins with empathy for the customer. We use advanced ethnographic research and proprietary tools to create a revealing picture of what current and future customers really value. We get beyond the data to understand customer motivations and behaviors.

Designing great experiences

With a clear view of the patterns and gaps in customer experience, we pull together relevant people from across the organization—IT, legal, marketing, sales, and design—to rethink how best to engage customers. We go far beyond optimizing a single interaction to designing the entire series of steps a customer takes to achieve a goal. And we help clients spot and fix the complex operational and organizational issues that often stand in the way of great customer experience.

Delivering new experiences at speed and scale

The only way to know if you have created a great customer experience is to prove it. We quickly build prototypes to test with real customers, gathering feedback and iterating, often in real time. We also help clients shape and manage complete programs to scale the transformation of multiple customer experiences—including reconfiguring operations, organizations, and incentive systems. And we build capabilities, from management to the front line, so our clients keep driving continuous improvement long after we’ve left.


We understand that a program to transform customer experience is a major investment. That's why we have created new engagement programs to reduce financial and operational risk. We tie our fees to outcomes, coinvest, underwrite impact, and prioritize and sequence initiatives to provide rapid returns in order to fund the change.


Karel Dörner

Senior Partner, Munich

Ewan Duncan

Senior Partner, Seattle

Hugo Sarrazin

Senior Partner, Silicon Valley

Hyo Yeon

Digital Partner, New York

Featured capability

Customer Experience Solutions

Creates visualizations of millions of customer interactions across channels—highlighting where customer experience is compromised, what triggers attrition, and the best opportunities to delight customers and drive cross-sell



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