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The art of project leadership: Delivering the world’s largest projects

– Four mind-sets and eight leadership practices distinguish successful leaders of ultralarge projects.

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Digital Australia: Seizing opportunities from the Fourth Industrial Revolution

– Digitally enabled innovations are creating opportunities and disrupting business models across all sectors of the Australian economy.

Meeting east Australia’s gas supply challenge

– Meeting east Australia’s projected gas demand requires choices to be made—and these will influence how the market will look... in 2030.

The role of natural gas in Australia’s future energy mix

– Natural gas can play a key role in Australia's energy system in 2030, as energy consumption increases off the back of both GDP... and population growth. In particular, opportunities are available for gas in the transport and power sectors with the potential to help meet demand at a lower cost, and with a reduced environmental footprint.
Podcast - McKinsey Quarterly

How incumbents become digital disruptors

– Established companies are often late to spot mortal threats to their business model. Here’s how they should respond when... industry disruption strikes.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

An incumbent’s guide to digital disruption

– Incumbents needn’t be victims of disruption if they recognize the crucial thresholds in their life cycle, and act in time.
Podcast - McKinsey Quarterly

Digital strategy: Understanding the economics of disruption

– Responding to digital disruption isn’t about creating a list of digitization priorities; it’s about identifying where... you are vulnerable and where you can create value.

Sustaining impact from Australian LNG operations

– Australia’s LNG industry is shifting its focus to operations, following a A$200 billion investment into the sector that is set... to make Australia the biggest exporter of LNG globally.

Companions Abroad: Australia and New Zealand’s participation in global flows

– Australia & New Zealand have opportunities to exploit their relationship, proximity to Asia, and digitization to improve their... global connectedness—but businesses must lead.
Commentary - McKinsey Quarterly

Championing gender equality in Australia

– A group of business leaders is redefining the role of men in the promotion of gender equality—and improving the environment for... women leaders in their own organizations.

Compete to prosper: Improving Australia’s global competitiveness

– As the rapid economic growth fuelled by high commodity prices and capital investment in resources projects abates, many Australians... are asking where the next wave of growth will come from. The rapid growth of emerging markets, particularly in Asia, means there are enormous opportunities for Australia to grow through trade. Increased trade, which allows countries and firms to play to their strengths, creates wealth. If Australia continues to open its economy and plays to its comparative advantages in natural resource endowments and a highly skilled workforce, Australian businesses can access new markets and create new, more productive jobs. Australia can continue to raise income and employment levels, which raises living standards and promotes social inclusion.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Mastering the building blocks of strategy

– Increase your likelihood of developing effective strategies through an approach that’s thorough, action-oriented, and comfortable... with debate and ambiguity.

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