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wendy becker

Spotlight On: Wendy Becker, CEO of Jack Wills

When Wendy left the Firm in 2008 as a Partner after a 14-year career, she said her goal for the next stage of her professional life was to have a “broad footprint.” Mission accomplished: in the past six years, she has served in senior executive roles in the telecom, hospitality, and retail industries. What connects all these experiences? Wendy’s love for figuring out what consumers want.

anne francoise weyns

Focus on Founders: Anne Weyns lives the sweet life with Artisan du Chocolat

Happily admitting to having OCD (Obsessive Chocolate Disorder), Anne creates chocolates at her London-based shops that are as beautiful as they are delicious.

andre borschberg

Focus on Founders: André Borschberg and Solar Impulse

In July, André and his co-pilot became the first people ever to fly coast-to-coast across the U.S. without using any fuel. He now hopes to leverage his historic flight into a powerful push for clean technology.

luis ubinas

Spotlight On: Luis Ubiñas

Luis Ubiñas shares his thoughts on his time at the Firm, and beyond—most recently as President of the Ford Foundation, where he had a profound impact on both the structure of the organization and its programs. In this wide-ranging interview, Luis discusses why he chose to join the Firm, how his 18-year career here influenced the work he did at the Ford Foundation, why creative people inspire him, and more.

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