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New Ventures

Analytics, design thinking, mobile, social, and other forces are transforming the way our clients serve their customers, manage their business processes, and develop their talent. They are also transforming our firm.

New Ventures is a recently formed group within McKinsey focused on fostering innovations and integrating them into our client work. It provides a foundation for—and deepens our investment in—the culture of entrepreneurialism we have always had.

It’s one of the fastest-growing parts of our firm, comprising more than 1,000 dedicated professionals (including over 800 analysts and data scientists). We’ve expanded our talent model to attract people with diverse backgrounds: mathematicians, data scientists, designers, software engineers, implementation experts, and entrepreneurs.

New Ventures is designed on two principles. First, innovation comes from many different sources: internal, external, top down, bottom up. Second, our unique ideas and insights are most powerful when they bring together our consulting insights, data analysis, and technology tools.

New Ventures is working across multiple fronts to turn those principles into dramatic client impact:

  • The New Ventures Competition is a one-of-a-kind innovation competition. Building on our 20-year history of the “Practice Olympics,” we’ve crafted an internal, firm-wide competition to source the best ideas for our clients from our 20,000 professionals globally. We support the winners with the resources, including funding and time, to turn those ideas into new solutions and services.
  • Our 35+ solutions deliver McKinsey thinking through technology and specialized analytics teams. Data-driven solutions such as Periscope for marketing and sales, the Organizational Health Index for human resources, Wave for corporate program-management offices, and many others can be used as part of, or distinct from, consulting engagements. They’re redefining what it means to work with McKinsey.
  • We’re continuously incubating new service offerings, expanding the areas in which we deliver value to our clients. Recent examples include Recovery & Transformation Services, McKinsey Implementation, and Growth Tech, all of which have grown rapidly from small experiments to become core capabilities of our firm.
  • We’re building a vibrant ecosystem with alliance partners who augment and broaden our capabilities in exciting new areas of client service. In special cases, our firm will acquire a partner with extraordinary capabilities, as we were privileged to do recently with Lunar and QuantumBlack.

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Meet our leaders

Daniel Pacthod

Senior Partner, New York

Rock Khanna

Senior Partner, Chicago

Stefan Spang

Senior Partner, Düsseldorf


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